CLAMP in Paris: first appearances (Updated)

Hi everyone! Yesterday was amazing, I saw CLAMP for the very first time!! It was at the opening of the CLAMP art exposition from Paris. I plan to do a more detailed report, with pictures and videos, not only from yesterday but also the next upcoming events concerning CLAMP in Paris, once I’m settled down because ever since I came here I haven’t got too much “computer time” ^^’

In the meantime, please check kei_san77-san’s great report from CLAMP’s appearance at the opening of their exhibition here.

Here’s a video with Mokona shot by me! They were all extremely nice and polite to everyone, as you can see from the video.

I’ve met some few LJers already and it has been great, here’s hoping that I shall meet a few more of you!

EDIT: Here are two more videos. The first one is from CLAMP’s arrival to the place and the second one is after they came out of the building where they were interviewed by three local TV channels, and they kindly spoke to everyone who was waiting outside for them.

59 thoughts on “CLAMP in Paris: first appearances (Updated)

    • I was so so so happy! I mean, I knoq just how polite they are (since it’s a natural thing from japanese people), but I really didn’t expect such treatment! I was extremely surprised in a good way, they are very “approachable” even though it might not look like they are.

      Some people sort of attempted to take pictures with Nekoi while they were leaving, and she kindly posed with them while she walked away =)


  1. That’s too awesome! And she greeted you with such warmth! She must have been impressed by your Japanese, your accent is so natural! I speak what little Japanese I know with my Spanish accent — both languages use similar muscles, I think.


    • Those were like, the only two japanese words that came out of my mouth in that moment! I have no idea how I was able to say them without messing the words up, honestly xD


  2. So lucky to get that close to Mokona, I really want to go there.
    I read kei_san77’s report who mention that CLAMP a bit surprised about the crowd.^^


  3. You actually SPOKE to Mokona-sensei! Lucky you! I don’t think I could have muttered a single word!
    The most amusing to me is that both times… we must have been like, two meters away? My friend appears in the first vid, she’s the one with the pink camera ^^


  4. I already left some comments on your FB account, but I’m going to say it here too: you’re SOOOO damn lucky…and when I think about the fact that I’m not THAT far from France, I…. T___T
    Keep up the good work, if you manage to get a picture with all 4 of them you’ll be my hero for life 😀


  5. Wow, I didn’t know Chibi Yuuto can speak Japanese! I dont know why but I thought u r American for some reason…
    Still, this is my first time seeing them in a video! I’m so jealous that u got to talk to Mokona!! You should tell her that you have a blog that support her manga!! 🙂


  6. Awww, cute video. I’m surprised they let people get that close to them, U.S. anime cons have the celebs on lockdown until the signings. I’m so mad that I missed a chance to see them and Maaya Sakamoto at Anime Expo a couple years ago. :[


  7. Mokona’s voice is so CUTE! I don’t know why hearing her speak surprised me. Have fun on this adventure, because it seems like it will be made of epic, especially since on the day Clamp opens their visit you get to speak with one of the ladies.

    Nekoi looks kind of like she’s spacing out and admiring the sky while they are thanking everyone.


  8. You lucky boy!

    You spoke with Mokona and she answered back to you! I so happy for you! XD

    And the convenion is only beginning. ^_~

    Hope you’ll be able to talk to the other three. ^_^


  9. I fainted with the Ah! hajimemashite of Mokona *w* Can she be more cute????

    Thank you a lot for sharing this videos!!!!! and almost in real time


  10. Thanks for posting these videos! It’s so strange to see the people behind the series I’ve been reading for ten years now (they really are real– and they’re adorable!).


  11. Oooh that’s so awesome, seeing CLAMP live and even trading a few words with Mokona! She’s so cute in her kimono! Have lots of fun at Japan Expo, and if you get the chance say hi to them from me ^^


  12. Thanks for making my day a bit better. What a thing to wake up to. OMG, YOU SPOKE TO MOKONA! Yes, you’ve heard that before, but wow, I would have fainted after the fact, or melted into the floor out of sheet happiness and awe. Keep it up! 🙂


  13. I can’ believe it! You spoke to mokona! I’m really envious T.T

    The french are really fortunate. I wish that CLAMP would go to my country too…


  14. hope

    Oh my god i want to faint!! i really wish that i can go there, its so epic!!
    speak face to face with clamp member. Argghhh!!.. you must be jealous alex? you know what me to!!

    Hope clamp come back to japan safely.. don’t get that flu H1N1! please!!


  15. GOD, you’re so lucky!!!!! I’m so envious but so happy at the same time! hahaha…I’m very glad you got that chance! and not only that but to be able to show it to the rest of us…it’s awesome!…thank you very very much for keeping us updated ~…I hope you can also greet Ohkawa! I think you’d really faint then! hahaha …very good luck!


  16. GREAT!!! I hope I can just be as lucky as you guys in Paris ^^ (Wow, you accent is natural *O* I fully understand what you say, just so awesome to say thank you to Mokona, I really want to thank her,,,,,and Ohkawa-sensei looks so surprising all the time ^ v ^ so unexpected!!


  17. OMG, Chibiyuuto, I’m so happy for you!! 😀
    Your accent is so cute too! It must have been nerve wrecking trying to speak to her! And Mokona-sensei was indeed really approachable, such a great memory.

    Enjoy yout trip and return home safely! 🙂


  18. Deixa-me chorar porque eu queria tanto estar aí mas nao pude iiiir T^T Goddammit >_<

    Woah e falas Japones muita bem. Lol eu aposto que me enrolava toda a falar com a Mokona, mesmo que fosse em português. O maximo que saía seria um squeak XDDD


  19. Congratulatios Alex!!! ^^

    Wow you talked with Mokona!!! If I’m excited I can’t imagine how you are XD That was a nice Japanese, I couldn’t detect your brazilian accent. By the way, you have to show me your signed board ^_~ I wonder if Mokona recognized you today. Anyway, continue enjoying these days.


  20. OMG OMG OMG -faints-
    Your japanese is so good! You sounded so japanese hahaha
    Congratulations chibiyuuto!
    Mokona was so adorable!?
    Hope you can see them more!
    Have a good time there and buy many stuff! haha =D


    and this is the first time i hear your voice! :O it sounds so naturally Japanese. Great job catching her attention, eventhough it looks so crowded there. XD




    And they are all so nice!!!!
    Thank you So much for Sharing all of this with us!!!! ^_____^


  23. Hey.. I have problems with that videos, I can’t hear a thing. There’s no sound 😦

    Congratulations! I would have fainted if I had been there, in front of them! my idols!

    Lucky you! now you can die happy hehe 🙂


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