CLAMP in Japan Expo – Day 1

Second day of Japan Expo, first day of CLAMP activities.

Today there was a sign session and the CLAMP Cosplay contest. I left after the contest so I don’t know if there was a second sign session. I heard a rumor that it got canceled but I have to confirm that. The Cosplay Contest did end much later than planned so maybe it’s true. Anyone can confirm that?

The signing rooms at Japan Expo are in an open area, basically anyone can watch the artists doing the signs, even if they haven’t won any tickets, which is pretty cool.

I think the first session had around 50 to 100 people, and CLAMP greeted each one of them and the fans were able to talk to them and ask questions. If anyone here won a ticket or knows someone who has, and if they asked any questions, please let me know the question and answer! ^^

Unlike the signing sessions from the USA and Korea, CLAMP did not give a special signing board do sign on, you could bring anything for CLAMP to sign on.

They were very generous with the fans, Mokona took pictures from two girls with her cellphone camera because of the way they looked.

Later there was the CLAMP Cosplay contest where CLAMP were the judges. Each member chose a winner individually and CLAMP as a group chose another winner.

Satsuki Igarashi chose a CLOVER group with Suu, Kazuhiko and Oruha.
Mokona picked a Code Geass duo with Cornelia and Euphie.
Tsubaki Nekoi chose a Blck and White Mokona duo.
Nanase Ohkawa picked a Sakura Kinomoto.

CLAMP as a group chose a Card Captor Sakura duo made of a Sakura and a Syaoran. I really liked that duo, the performance was so funny and the music was great, it was one of my favorites.

The winners got CLAMP’s autographs and other official goodies such as clearfiles and shitajikis.

However, originally there should have been only one winner picked by CLAMP as a group, but there was a duo from Tsubasa made of a Syaoran and a Sakura that CLAMP liked so much, that they decided to give them a priwe too.

They promised to draw something to them and they also gave to them their Ioryogi plush toy that used to be in CLAMP’s studio and that Nekoi carried around everywhere in their events.

I have a few pictures and videos, but I’m not allowed to share them until monday but please look forward to them!

On other news, CLAMP was featured in today’s edition of the french newspaper Le parisien. They were interviewed in their hotel room just before leaving for the opening of their art exhibition that I mentioned yesterday. There’s a very cool nez picture of CLAMP members sitting on a bed.

Click to enlarge it.
Special thanks goes to flowright for scanning the article!

CLAMP in Paris: first appearances (Updated)

Hi everyone! Yesterday was amazing, I saw CLAMP for the very first time!! It was at the opening of the CLAMP art exposition from Paris. I plan to do a more detailed report, with pictures and videos, not only from yesterday but also the next upcoming events concerning CLAMP in Paris, once I’m settled down because ever since I came here I haven’t got too much “computer time” ^^’

In the meantime, please check kei_san77-san’s great report from CLAMP’s appearance at the opening of their exhibition here.

Here’s a video with Mokona shot by me! They were all extremely nice and polite to everyone, as you can see from the video.

I’ve met some few LJers already and it has been great, here’s hoping that I shall meet a few more of you!

EDIT: Here are two more videos. The first one is from CLAMP’s arrival to the place and the second one is after they came out of the building where they were interviewed by three local TV channels, and they kindly spoke to everyone who was waiting outside for them.