Clearer view at CLAMP’s costume for Tekken 6

MyCom and GameSpot have articles about the upcoming release of Tekken 6, in the MyCom one it’s possible to see the extra costume designed by CLAMP for the character Jin Kazama:

It’s also possible to check how the costume will look like in the video game itself (extremely faithful if you ask me!).

Also, by the way, I sort of have an announcement to make! Tomorrow I’ll be flying to Paris, France, where I’ll be attending to Japan Expo! No need to say that I will do as much as I possibly can to bring as much info as I possibly can! Also, I would like to meet as much people as I possibly can too xD If you’re going, make sure to meet me (how? I’ve no idea, but just do it xD)

My trip also implies that there might be some delay of posting the possible news that might come up during the period while I’m there, and while I would like to apologize in advance, I honestly hope that you can understand that =)

I’m very excited and hoping to meet some of you there!


62 thoughts on “Clearer view at CLAMP’s costume for Tekken 6

  1. I hope you will have a nice time there ^^
    I personally went to Paris twice this school year 2008/2009: in September 2008 and April 2009….meaning at the WRONG dates!!! ;_____; Why couldn’t I have gone when Clamp was there T__T
    I definitely can’t afford another trip there for A WHILE….

    I saw in Clamp_now community that they would be selling a super cute shitajiki featuring Sakurax2+Watanuki (, and looks like there will be only 1000 of those….be sure to get it and share a nice scan with us afterward!!! XD


    • It really is too bad that you can’t come, and April was really close to it too =/

      I’m sure you’ll have more opportunities though, then we can meet!

      I saw the shitajiki-thing too! I bet they’ll be using this drawing to sign their names on (which will be given for free to those who win their sign, of course).

      If I get one I’ll definitely scan mine!


  2. Hi ChibiYuuto-kun!

    Me and my friends will attend Japan Expo too! ^^
    We will normally wear a group of t-shirts dedicated to Clamp on Friday, so if you see us, don’t hesitate to come and say a little hello to us! =)

    I don’t know at all how I can recognize you …(If I see someone singin’ Teddy Picker? xD?)

    We would be happy to see you!

    By the way, good trip! πŸ˜‰



    • I don’t know at all how I can recognize you …(If I see someone singin’ Teddy Picker? xD?)

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA That was the funniest thing I’ve read today XDDDD And cute too! Actually wearing an Arctic Monkeys T-shirt is a good way to catch my attention xD

      No seriously, I have no idea how I’ll meet up with everybody. Well, I won’t be speaking french, that’s for sure, so that shrinks the possibilities down a little xD


      • In my opinion, we’re going to be visible: Our t-shirts will be black but they will have a little specificity!

        The only photos I’ve seen of you are the one with Dolores O’Riordan and the one called “Walk in the jungle” (where I can see your feet… ^^” Not very helpful).

        I hope I’ll be able to recognize you in the crowd! I speak a little english, so it’s still possible to communicate!
        I won’t ask what do you know in french cause it’s always the same thing (“Voulez-vous…”)! xD
        We’ll see if we can find each other!

        Have great fun! πŸ˜‰



  3. Have a save, nice and fun trip! xD

    As I sad before, I wish you the best and of course, I hope you to have a “decent” meeting with CLAMP, after all you deserve it ^_~

    I’ll wait for your return, so please bring with you a lot of good stories and photos :3 And remember to do things twice, one for you and one for me xD, hahaha just kidding have great time there!!! ^__^


    • You are so kind, thank you so much!

      I will make sure to eat for you and for me xD And I’ll be updating my twitter constantly (I’ll try~) so keep an eye on it =D


      • -I will make sure to eat for you and for me xD
        HAHAHAHA that sounded so CLAMPish XDD

        -I’ll be updating my twitter constantly
        Well see you on twitter then, but please don’t feel obligated with it, have fun first, this is an special occasion after all ^_~


  4. Hi !
    I just want to tell you, I’ve won a dedicace from CLAMP (on Friday) with the Pika edition contest, so I’ll share it with you if you can’t have one (I don’t hope so, but I think they’ll be a crowd for the dedicaces).
    And if you want to stop to say hello, randomly, I’ll be on the stand F.A.11″fanzine Macarons”.
    I hope you’ll have a great time in France ^^


    • Whoa thank you so much, that’s so kind, although you really don’t have to, you should SEIZE such a rare opportunity like that =)

      I’ll probably be in the line too for the signing, make sure to talk to me! =D


  5. ahhhhh… Tekken… those good ol’ days…
    BEAUTIFUL costume for Jin! i’m sure it’ll be very nice and flowy when computerized. πŸ™‚ i might buy it, but what game station is it for?

    You? Paris?! JAPAN EXPO!?!??!?!? LUCKYYYYYYYYY~~~~!!!! >.< here i am, on a family vacation at Mexico and enjoying pina coladas; and you are gonna enjoy your days in PARIS!!!
    i envy you….

    But proud of you! have fun and i hope it's worth your trip (definitely will be ;]). Have a safe trip~!!!

    Bon voyage~! XD


  6. I hope you have fun at the Japan Expo! πŸ˜€

    Also, the game designers were remarkably faithful to CLAMP’s design, considering how difficult it must have been to animate. Come to think of it, I wonder if CLAMP made it so intentionally? I wouldn’t be surprised if they added all of those hanging parts and fabric just because they aren’t common in fighting games.


    • Yeah, I wonder that too! I think they kind of told CLAMP what would be too difficult to convert to game. Maybe the original draft was more detailed, you know how CLAMP are detailed xD Or maybe not, video games are so advanced these days ^^


  7. I wanted to go too….the flight from Greece is sort and i should go but i’m broke so do me a favour ne?Kidnap them tie them and do everything possible to make them finish X/continue Clover/Gohou Drug!Be safe have a blast(post photos so we can hate you)


  8. HAVE A GOOD TRIP! (a little late as you should be leaving today XD)
    We’ll be meeting for sure ^^ (don’t think many CLAMP in 3DLand Sakura and Syaoran would be there I think O_o)

    Enjoy a lot and hope we can enjoy as well and meet CLAMP *___*, one of my biggest dreams ever ^^


    • I’m still here ! XD Thank you for your wishes, you have a safe trip too!!!!

      So you’re both going as 3-D LAND Syaoran and Sakura? WHICH ones? XD I suppose TRC ones from Chapter 100?


      • Lu’s TRC!Sakura from Box #1
        I am TRC!Syaoran from Box #8

        I hope we can pass preselection for CLAMP cosplay contest as “Dreams in Wonderland #1” and “Dreams in Wonderland #2” as we are two groups divided because of 5 members maximum in a group D:

        Hope to see you there then πŸ˜€


  9. I’M SO JEALOUS!!!!!! T_T

    Well, can’t afford to cross the Atlantic at this time of the year while being so busy at my job. And my parents or organizing a trip in Paris, but only next year. ~_~

    Well have the time of your life, you lucky guy, and find a way to talk to them! And take a lot of picture for us. ^_^


  10. Just to let you know, CLAMP’s July update is up… they say Wish characters will appear in the Kobato. anime :O and that more details are revealed in Newtype. About the newest OAD they say details are coming in the 6th July issue of Young Magazine, where the website will be revealed,


    • Sorry, it says that information will be released on the website too, not that the website will be revealed. Also CLAMP’s messages say they’re on the way to France~


  11. Good luck in your trip. Enjoy it for the rest of us, the ones who can’t go.
    Bring and post as many photos as you can take, please.
    Best of luck and just have a good time.




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