Report from Kiyokazu Fujimoto’s lecture at Desucon 2009 (Updated)

Last month I mentioned that Kiyokazu Fujimoto from CLAMP’s management company Pyrotechnist would give a lecture at the Finnish anime convention Desucon.

The event took place in the last weekend, hiro_bnk-san went to his lecture and has kindly wrote a report about it, which can be found here.

Kiyokazu Fujimoto is the third from the left. On his right is seiyuu Tooru Furuya, who also attended the event.

A few more pictures can be found in the event’s blog.

Here’s some of the highlights of his lecture according to the report:

– CLAMP works whenever they feel like it. They have even drawn on an airplane giving originals back and forth over the benches.
– CLAMP has meetings with a Pyrotechnist member once a week. The contents of the meetings are merchandising and advertisement, never about the content of CLAMP’s works.
– Nanase Ohkawa doesn’t like traveling abroad.
– Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC will end before the end of the year.

I was surprised with Ohkawa not liking travels, LOL at CLAMP working even on the airplane (can’t blame them, 12 hours or more of travel) and the part with “before the end of the year” is too vague if you ask me xD

Update: I was told by hiro_bnk that the Desucon staff recorded the lecture but unfortunately Fujimoto did not want the video put online.

34 thoughts on “Report from Kiyokazu Fujimoto’s lecture at Desucon 2009 (Updated)

  1. at least we know that TRC&HOLiC will end, now, you’re right: “before the end of the year” its too vague xD. And… well, we’re talking about CLAMP. How do we know if they finish TRC&HOLiC after the end of the year… or after the end of the next year? XD

    thanks a lot chibiyuuto-san, its a wonderful information.


  2. Actually Fujimoto-sensei is on Tooru’s right, the one on the left is Tooru’s manager Ikeda.

    I laughed at the airplane thing too x3 It’s exciting to know that TRC and Holic will end soon, I wonder what’s going to happen?


    • Oh really? That’s weird because I have another picture of Fujimoto (not from Desucon, though) and in that picture he really is looking like Tooru’s manager XD

      Thank you! I’ll fix it =)

      Have you been following TRC and XXXHOLiC lately?


      • Ah, no I haven’t, I have been up to other things and am so far behind everything seems really weird… -_- But I’d like to find out how things will end once they do.


    • Wait a minute, that’s what I said O.o The one in Tooru’s right is the one from the far left, which is Fujimoto, right?

      Who is Fujimoto? The one wearing sunglasses?


  3. I think I will stop stressing out and sit back comfortably.
    There really could be up to a maximum of half a year left to finish TRC/Holic ^^;
    I don’t think it will go that far but for one, I don’t think volume 28 will be the last, things are moving too slowly…and if Clamp start exposing FWR back story and we got a flashback of his reasons behind wanting to resurrect Yuuko or his relationship with her, it could take a while…at least, I don’t think TRC will ends before we learn a minimum about FWR objectives and wish.

    Thanks for the info!! ^___^


    • I don’t think we’ll have FWR’s “backstory”. I mean, not like we had of Kurogane and Fye. I think yes, of course, we’ll learn more about him, but I don’t think in the form of full-lenght flashbacks.

      It’s driving me nuts all this dragging of Tsubasa XD


    • I don’t think they have cast the Kobato. anime yet. Furuya’s appearance had nothing to do with CLAMP, he was the main guest of the con. He’s a very prominent seiyuu known best as Amuro in Gundam, Kyousuke in Kimagure Orange Road, Seiya in Saint Seiya and Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon, among others. He’s a great guy 😀


  4. He will dub Kobato,really? I have never heard of Kobato’s seiyuu being announced (?) Or am I missing something?

    Well, Clamp works on plane? Too hard-working = = (I always sleep on long flight, though I should be happy about them with more manga releases =.=)

    Tsubasa and xxxHolic will end this year,,,it was expected.Somehow the recent chapters give me the feeling that they are going to end soon, which surely I would miss >.< About the following TRC chapters, I feel that some of the unanswered questions may not be explained to the extent we fans would like = =

    Ohkawa sensei doesn't like travel abroad? quite surprising to me~ Then fans who have the chance to meet her abroad must treasure their chance.

    meetings not about Clamp's work's content….good to hear that ^.^ That means all the things are 100% Clamp made~


  5. I though Mr. Fujimoto’s remark that “unlike other artists whose style changes during the work, CLAMP always controls the style of a particular work so that it stays the same during the whole thing” was ironic, considering how much the art style of X and Tsubasa have changed.


    • I guess he meant that they keep the specific style of the work, like Angelic Layer looks completely different from X or Holic. There’s probably not stopping the artist’s skills from developing :3


      • I agree with that. And X was running for 10+ years, it’s natural that it changes during its course. But I guess he meant that CCS always looked like CCS even though they were drawing CLOVER, X and Wish at the same time (CCS was just an example xD).


  6. I’d like to add that one person asked about what CLAMP thinks about fan-made scanlations online and he said that they appreciate its value to the non-Japanese speaking fans but are sad about the fact that the image quality is so low. They’d rather like their work being published the way they mean it to be seen, in good quality.


    • Oh really? Thanks for that! And that answer is a lot more friendly than I expected! Glad to see that they don’t DESPISE it and they acknowledge that its true value is to make it accessible to those who do not have access to such material.


      • I was really happy to hear it too. ^__^ That’s why I thought it’d be a nice thing to tell everyone in the fandom. He sounded a bit hesitating about it but overall the reply was positive.

        Also I think they said on their website that they have nothing against non-commercial fanworks in general and commercial ones are okay if they are completely made by the fan and they don’t use CLAMP’s own drawings = doujins are fine and icons and other graphics are fine as long as you don’t ask money for it. But I’m not sure about this, I just think that’s what they said, with my bad Japanese skills and with the help of a dictionary. I was going to post my translation but I decided against it since I was afraid it might be wrong after all and that’d be pretty horrible, to give the fandom the impression that the author accepts fanworks when they really don’t…

        Oh and yes, if I remember anything, I will tell you. o/


  7. Hi, i always visit this livejournal, it’s very interesting and rich of informations!!Thank you, chibiyuuto!!Could i ask you something? Don’t you think that only one volume left for xxxholic it’s too poor for explaining all the things that have been left in suspance? I fear that all is going to be too fast now in the plot, as it has been for the story of yuuko san, and it’s a pity because in this way they will ruin a story that until now has been so interesting!!;_; I’m so sorry for that!!


    • Thank you visiting it! ^__^

      And answering your question, I think one volume is enough to finish XXXHOLiC’s story now. Tsubasa, on the other hand, it’s a bit hard to say if we’re gonna have 28 or 29 volumes. I want to believe it’s gonna be 28 ^^


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