XXXHOLiC #15 cover

Kodansha has announced the cover of XXXHOLiC #15!

I’m not sure if these are camellias or sakura flowers xD It’s Tulip Magnolia =D

This goes on sale June 23, along with XXXHOLiC Shunmuki OAD 2.

53 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC #15 cover

  1. OMG! It’s so pretty
    but… why is Watanuki again on the cover? mmm
    mistery mistery
    I really loved the cover. It’s very difference from the others
    but in color
    Thanks chibiyuuto


  2. They’ve totally reversed positions compared with volume 1. Not that that’s SIGNIFICANT or anything. XD

    Not sakura, I think, those flowers are too large. I’m betting camellias.


    • LOL yeah, too bad it’s not the last volume, it would match perfectly xD Let’s see if CLAMP has something more surprising for volume 16.

      I’m just not 100% sure of being camellias because the symbol behind the 15 number is a sakura flower. Could be not fully bloomed sakuras, I’m not sure if camellias are that pink, are they? *loser xD*


      • Yes, you can find Camelia japonica in a whole variety of colours from white to red with pink and yellow and even white petals with a line of pink on the edge. Camelia had been mix a lot, so you’ve got tones of hybrids. ^_~

        And I’m not even talking about the other camelia species.

        But the cover is amazing! Love the colors so much. ^_^

        I would have love to have it in a calender format. -_-


  3. It’s very beautiful, but it’s also kind of…inappropriate for genteel company, if you know what I mean.

    Coincidentally, how many more volumes do you think there will be?


  4. Yuuko and Watanuki have been sharing front covers lately. That and this highly affirms my suspicions that Watanuki might be Clow, FWR DID say that Watanuki looked like a young Clow. Or maybe he’s another of Clow’s incarnations.

    On another note, Clow is an effing player, we have Kaho who is an incarnation of his wife, Nadeshiko who is the wife of his incarnation, and I don’t even know what it really was between him and Yuuko. Also we have Yue mooning over him.


  5. Love this cover >333< Love the drawing style of xxxholic as always, it is so special for Clamp yet they make it so beautiful! It's just so rich of that kind of mysterious and traditional feeling..

    Today there are so many clamp news that makes me feel so excited, and there is Kobato Drop 15 and Igarashi-sensei's book coming…feels so blissed ^ 3 ^


  6. after reading what the others wrote here about the cover i went and dug out my copies of the books. It’s interesting to see that Watanuki is on all the covers…granted he’s on the back of most of them. He’s on the 1st one sitting behind Yuuko and looking Much younger than he does now (that’s might be the slight evolution of the artwork though)then after that we see him only on the back of the pages slowly coming more and more into frame. It might not be something to really look at, but i find it interesting that we get more of an image of him as the book covers go by until he’s now sitting in front of Yuko in a way instead of behind her and rather than him sitting bellow her he’s sitting at a higher elevation. It might be symbolism that Watanuki is now of more central importance to the evolution of the story than Yuuko. It is possible that she won’t even appear on the last cover.


  7. it’s so beautiful! it’s gorgeous! it’s so… jade green (one of my fav colors)! XD

    and finally watanuki-kun is on the cover with Yuuko-san! 😯 when was the last time that watanuki showed up on the front side…
    Thanks so much! ^^


  8. I must say i loved this cover, Watanuki-kun looks so grown up!!! T_T Feels even like we are reaching the end even more than before!!! And I must agree with the ones that say that he looks so “Clow-like” that it feels as he was made in his resemblence. Like “Clow in his youth”.



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