Report from Kiyokazu Fujimoto’s lecture at Desucon 2009 (Updated)

Last month I mentioned that Kiyokazu Fujimoto from CLAMP’s management company Pyrotechnist would give a lecture at the Finnish anime convention Desucon.

The event took place in the last weekend, hiro_bnk-san went to his lecture and has kindly wrote a report about it, which can be found here.

Kiyokazu Fujimoto is the third from the left. On his right is seiyuu Tooru Furuya, who also attended the event.

A few more pictures can be found in the event’s blog.

Here’s some of the highlights of his lecture according to the report:

– CLAMP works whenever they feel like it. They have even drawn on an airplane giving originals back and forth over the benches.
– CLAMP has meetings with a Pyrotechnist member once a week. The contents of the meetings are merchandising and advertisement, never about the content of CLAMP’s works.
– Nanase Ohkawa doesn’t like traveling abroad.
– Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC will end before the end of the year.

I was surprised with Ohkawa not liking travels, LOL at CLAMP working even on the airplane (can’t blame them, 12 hours or more of travel) and the part with “before the end of the year” is too vague if you ask me xD

Update: I was told by hiro_bnk that the Desucon staff recorded the lecture but unfortunately Fujimoto did not want the video put online.