– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

02/10 – Newtype #03 – Drop. 12-B (on sale).
03/10 – Newtype #04 – Drop. 13.
04/10 – Newtype #05 – Drop. 14.

Nothing changes for Kobato. =)

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

02/25 – Shonen Magazine #13 – Chapter 214 (on sale).
03/04 – Shonen Magazine #14 – Chapter 215.
03/11 – Shonen Magazine #15 – No Tsubasa scheduled.
03/18 – Shonen Magazine #16 – Chapter 216.
03/25 – Shonen Magazine #17 – Chapter 217.

A little drop there right in the middle of this volume, but Tsubasa pulls right back up on the following week. I wonder if there will be a color page on Chapter 216.

• Comic:

The cover of the deluxe version of Tsubasa #26 was announced!

After her lover Fujitaka, Nadeshiko was somehow expected, huh? Once again, after several attempts, Fei Wang is my obvious bet (finally?) for the cover of volume 27.

The cover of the regular edition of Tsubasa #26 was not revealed by CLAMP-NET.COM.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

03/02 – Young Magazine #14 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled (on sale).
03/09 – Young Magazine #15 – Chapter 175.
03/16 – Young Magazine #16 – Chapter 176.
03/23 – Young Magazine #17 – Chapter 177.

And XXXHOLiC too stays on track! xD

63 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

    • Fei Wang HAS to appear, right? Revealing his biggest secret or something xD

      But if it’s the last, I’m not so sure. It doesn’t seem like it’ll be ending in 27 at all.

      But if 27 or 28 = Fei Wang, who’s the other one?


  1. Thank you. ^^ Aaah Nadeshiko so pretty~♥ I look forward to seeing the normal edition cover also.



  2. whoa! clamp news already? *remembers the last time you posted one.* that was quick! o.O

    anyways, March is starting to become a great month, ne? XD especially having Nadeshiko-kaa-sama as the deluxe cover. (YESSS!!!)


  3. Yay! Thanks for the news! They seem early too! I mean, it’s only 1:30 AM on monday for me !! Great !

    Is chapter 217 released on the 23rd or on the 25th ?

    Wow! If there will be only 15 xxxHolic volumes, it means that there will be only 5 or 6 other chapters after that!! I wonder if there will be xxxHolic 16. What do you think? So many stuff still needs to be explained, but they could also do that concisely.


    • They were very early this time indeed, at least earlier than usual xD

      >Is chapter 217 released on the 23rd or on the 25th ?

      Ohhh it’s on the 25th! Gomen ne, my mistake! Good eye you have ^_~ Thanks for pointing that out.

      >I wonder if there will be xxxHolic 16. What do you think? So many stuff still needs to be explained, but they could also do that concisely.

      Humm, well-put. I am thinking that yes, there will be a 16th volume.


    • HAhahaha remember that? The Tsubasa Prediction Post, LOL

      Okay, we are at 214 now, and this is the 4th chapter of volume 27. Hummm.

      I think we will have 6 more chapters for this volume, and thus, it’ll end on chapter 220.

      Then we might have another 10 chapters to volume 28, so 230.

      Yeah, right now 230 is my guess.


  4. Nadeshiko’s so pretty ♥

    I hope for the last volume (regular edition) we’ll have a cover with Syaoran, Sakura, Kurogane, Fay and Mokona… In a happy picture, even though it probably won’t have a happy ending.


  5. Thank you for the news again!
    Oh my, there’s so much to be explained x.x They’ve got to give us 25+ pages per chapter o_O If they want to finish ate #27
    My guess is FWR too ~ But I think that wouldn’t fit as the LAST cover o.õ I mean, Syaoran and Sakura are suppose to be the main chars right? xD I’m thinking the two of them together u.u~
    But I don’t know anymore, my brain is crashing trying to understand wth is going on right now, so….


  6. Holic 3 chapters in a raw wow that is amazing

    and Nadeshico… FWR want to save her??? about Yuuko i think is not it because he give her a fatal blow why he will want to revive her, it could his mother of a love of him or Clow himsel more probably


    • 6-7 chapter for finish the last tankubon?

      I’m sure they will draw another one?

      i want to know the wish of seîchiro


  7. Chibiyuuto-san,

    are you really sure that CLAMP-NET said that there will be 3 Holic Chapters? I doubt it’s entirely true…. the website won’t open for me so I can’t verify XD LOL

    I can’t believe it… I must have fallen from my chair when I saw 3 HOLiC chapters in a row… XD


  8. PARABÉEEEEEENS Yuutooo!!!! It’s me Seishirou-san (the only one that doesn’t have a LJ yet u.u) Happy Birthday! wish you the best in this new year of life!! Happiness, money, love and XXX for you!!!


  9. Hey I though Nadeshiko’s hair were more like brown or something like that… But not that dark ! O.O I hope we’ll see C!Sakura with C!Syaoran on the regular edition cover ! T^T

    And wow.. That’s your birthday !! O__O Otanjoubi omedeto gozaimasuuuu, chibiyuuto-san !! Wish you the BEST !! ^____^


  10. Eldar

    I was a bit surprised but… I thought that I would let everyone know that Tsubasa has already posted chapter 215 on


  11. Thanks again for the fast update and news ^__^ I really love the steady schedule we got for both TRC and xxxholic [actually, especially ‘holic *___*]!!
    And Oooo… as expected, we have Nadeshiko for Vol. 26 deluxe 😀 she is gorgeous ^__^ Can’t wait to see the bigger version.
    As for who’s next for the next deluxe ^^;;; If FWR appeared next, then who will be THE person for the final volume [haha~ maybe the one he want to revive :P]
    But can we be so positive that the series will end at Vol 28?? I still think there’s a lot of things that are not settled from these mess >


  12. Happy birthday!!!

    I hope you have a excellent day!^^, you worth it after the news you always bring.

    PS: Oh! Nadeshiko is so beautiful…I want to see the normal edition’s cover :3


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