Kobato. Drop. 12-B by CLAMP No Lumiere

For those who were waiting, the chapter is now available at CLAMP No Lumiere!

I don’t have much to say about this chapter, except for how very soon Kobato is realizing her feelings for Fujimoto? Of course, Kobato. is been running for 4 years but in terms of volumes, this is only the 4th volume, and she knows him for only 3 volumes (in volume 1 she hadn’t met him yet).

That’s great, I’m not complaining, I hope the tension between them increases even more now after this pseudo-acknowledgment.

I’m more and more convinced that the creatures (Ioryogi, Zuishou, Genko etc) have human(angel?)-like shapes when they are in their real forms. At least that would be real fun to check.

Oh, and finally Kohaku makes an appearance! I wonder if Kobato.’s story takes place before, during or after his 100 years sleep. Probably during, hummm.

We have a clearer idea of Kobato’s deadline… so six months, huh? That’s different from what I had thought at first. I thought Ioryogi meant until all 4 seasons go around twice, and thus, 2 years. But it’s actually until two seasons go around and thus, 6 months. Remember X, remember X… it took 10 years to pass 6 months in the actual story, LOL (I don’t think it’s going to be the case in Kobato., though).

Kobato’s body looks weird in the last page xD


39 thoughts on “Kobato. Drop. 12-B by CLAMP No Lumiere

  1. Aww, KOBATO!!!

    I get the feeling this is going to be quite a short manga. Not only because it takes so long to release, but because things move quite quickly. I think we’ve been spoiled by how epic TRC is!

    I don’t think it’ll be finished by Autumn, but I don’t think it’ll go on for years.

    Maybe 5, 6 volumes?

    But then, who knows. CLAMP are the Queens of the Unexpected!


    • Sometimes I think it moves quickly, and thus, that it won’t be longer than 10 volumes, but sometimes it feels like it’s gonna take forever to fill that bottle XD


  2. I think CLAMP need to do some short manga, it´s not necessary to have that long mangas, (maybe it´s just because I want Kobato to end and for CLAMP to resume X and Gohou drug…)


  3. I’m happy Kobato’s acknowledging her feelings for Fujimoto, because I love this pairing so much (=w=U You’re right though, it might be a bit soon… But I can’t complain, this chapter made me too happy ;;;


            • Syaoran’s love towards Sakura goes something like this…
              He wanted to act more superior to her, but he kept feeling bad about it (Volume 2). It was more of the rivalry for Yukito then the Clow Cards in the manga, as well (Volume 3). It then turns into a “I need to protect her because she’s the CardCaptor” phase during Kaho’s appearance, shortly followed by “good friends” (Volume 4). Followed by Denial (“I don’t know why i’m so worried”– Volume 5). It wasn’t really until the very end of volume 5 that Syaoran blushed for the first time at something Sakura said (which leads to a funny scene with Tomoyo going “Oh my..” and Toya giving Syaoran an evil glare followed shortly by a Tomoyo/Syaoran scene about Syaoran’s denial).

              Sorry for going all fangirl here.. xD
              I’ve been up all night writing Chapter Summeries/Transcripts, so everything’s still pretty clear in my mind. n_n;;


  4. Very beatiful (half) chapter. I love the atmosphere Kobato. is getting, the same peaceful, a bit sad but funny, as Wish had. CLAMP does a very cute interpretation of heaven… The realizaton of Kobato’s feeling, and the little appearence of Kohaku just made this little chapter perfect


  5. Thanks for the new chapter ^^

    uhm.. I have a question. I read on wikipedia that Kobato wasn’t allowed to fall in love with a boy she works with and I don’t remember that being mentioned in the manga. I read over the whole thing a few times and I still couldn’t find it, can you tell me where that was mentioned? please and thank you ^^


  6. your reviews always makes my theories clear,ahaha thanks!!!
    though, i didn’t get the last parragraph,haha wtf XDD

    yeahp FINALLY Kobato is realizing that she may have some special feelings for Fujimoto


    • LOL, that’s because on Drop. 11 Ushagi tells Ioryogi that their deadline is until the seasons go around twice. That made me think all 4 seasons going around twice, and therefore, 2 whole years.

      But Ioryogi is more specific in this chapter and says it’s only until the next 2 seasons go by, and therefore, 6 months ^^

      I’m happy my comments help you a little ^^


  7. Poor kobato. She is not allowed to fall in love with the person she’s suppose to help! I wonder which is more important for her. Her love or her wish? Will she be forced to choose later? >_<
    Moreover, we still don't know what is her wish yet. I suspect she is some kind of angel in banishment. Or probably angel who got herself banished for the sake of something (judging from her scarce knowledge of human living ways ^^;;;). Ah~~ I really can't wait for the next chapter…. XDDDD


    • I wonder if that bit of the plot (the whole not-falling-in-love thing) will play its part… we haven’t heard anything about that yet. Maybe now that Kobato is realizing her feelings Ioryogi will remind her of that “rule”?

      The angel being expelled from Heaven and being charged of healing people’s hearts sounds very very fitting, but it’s so obvious, isn’t it? I mean, when it comes to CLAMP, we always expect the unpexptected xD


      • LOL
        >>Maybe now that Kobato is realizing her feelings Ioryogi will remind her of that “rule”?

        /me nods
        Hopefully, I want to know too why. I suppose someone very dear to her before had fallen in love and had some fight over it which resulted in pain for all parties… And that will raise another question, who is Kobato’s dearest? Why do Ioryogi want to help her even though he’s so impatient? And why all of them are being punished? LOL too much questions. ^^;;

        >>The angel being expelled from Heaven and being charged of healing people’s hearts sounds very very fitting, but it’s so obvious, isn’t it? I mean, when it comes to CLAMP, we always expect the unexpected xD

        true. 😀 but still, I put my money on a bet that she’s an angel. XD Wonder is she know Kohaku… After all, both of them are too similar. Singing is the only thing both of them can do ^^;; Well, Kobato has her hard work and stubbornness but Kohaku has it too… ^^;; If she’s an angel, is it possible that she is being hatched by Kohaku’s song? XDDD


  8. Wonderful work as always. ^_^

    I’m inclined to hope that Kobato falling in love with Fujimoto may actually change her wish, like the Fortune-teller mentioned. KobatoxFujimoto XDDD


  9. haha, seems like CLAMP finally gives Wish some links to their other manga. For a long time, I’ve always think that Wish is kind of Isolated (heck, they don’t even appears in Tsubasa or xxxholic, or cameo anywhere at all, not to mention their position in CLAMP in Wonderland). Kohaku = Love (‘~ ‘*)


  10. KOHAKU!!!!!! Hope she appears god I luv that manga ^_^Hisui cameo Please!!! Well at least this makes my Hatred 4 Sakura’s and Yuuko’s Tragedy less strong xD Thanks as always Chibi!!


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