November 1st was a Saturday, November 3rd was a holiday in Japan (Culture Day), so CLAMP-NET.COM updated only today.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

10/10 – Newtype #11 – Drop. 10 (on sale).
11/10 – Newtype #12 – Drop. 11 – Possible last chapter of tankoubon 3 – Extra chapter.
12/10 – Newtype #01 – Drop. 12 – Beginning of tankoubon 4.

I don’t know what they mean by “Extra chapter”. I don’t know if we are going to have Drop. 11 PLUS an extra “Drop” or if it’s only an extra drop and no Drop. 11 at all, since CLAMP-NET.COM only states that an “extra chapter” will be published in that issue. We’ll have to wait and see.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

10/29 – Shonen Magazine #48 – Chapter 203 (on sale).
11/05 – Shonen Magazine #49 – Chapter 204.
11/12 – Shonen Magazine #50 – No Tsubasa scheduled.
11/19 – Shonen Magazine #51 – Chapter 205.

• Comics:

The covers of Tsubasa #25 have been announced!

The regular edition cover is sooo pretty, so white! *-* And Fujitaka ! Wearing sort of Clow’s cloak ! This one took so long to show up ! Definitely Fei Wang for #26, c’mon xD

Tsubasa #25 will be released on November 17.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

11/01 – Young Magazine #49 – Chapter 169 (on sale).
11/10 – Young Magazine #50 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.
11/17 – Young Magazine #51 – Chapter 170.
11/22 – Young Magazine #52 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.

Chapter 170 is the 13th chapter of tankoubon 14, so I would say it’s the last one for that volume. If my speculations are right, we should get color pages in Chapter 171.

• DVD:

Here’s the cover of XXXHOLiC◆Kei’s 6th DVD, which is out November 26:

Kadokawa has a slightly better (quality wise) version of the cover of MUTUALITY: CLAMP works in CODE GEASS:

The artbook will be released on December 5.


32 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

      • All CCS characters are awesome /o/ Specially if they happen to be half of Clow’s reincarnation.

        It does, I really love it. … I kinda wonder wtf they’re supposed to be standing on? It looks like a… plane or something.


  1. Thanks for the news chibiyuuto 😀
    The regular version looks so nice, just white and yellow/golden (?) XDD
    The only sad news is we won’t have tsubasa for a week D:


  2. How much have we been waiting Fujitaka’s cover ohh right 25 long volumes or 5 years LOL welll it finally will come (this one is coming with my uncle when he goes to japan last november week XD) Thanks for the covers and i think the final cover should have the 2 syaorans watanuki and the 2 sakuras and if Himawari has somethin to do with sakura at the end she too 😛 and @Romanchan 1 week is nothing to the month they make us suffer with the sliffhanger that was real sadness and pain XD


  3. Someone needs to scan that regular cover once they get their hands on it. *_* Need. Badly.

    Not to sound mean, but I’m personally relieved that there’s a slight break in Holic. *phew* (Completely personal reason, don’t ask. ^^”)

    Oh wait, YO! ChibiYuuto-nii! (I haven’t greeted you yet. ^^)


  4. I think the deluxe cover for 26 will be Nadeshiko…. =p
    Bothe of them are soo pretty! *-*
    Can’t wait to see the bigger versions! (ohh and Kuro’s arm is normal? I wanted to see his mech-arm in color ;_;)


  5. i love the covers
    i always had a crush at Fujitaka in ccs and Clow and Yue!! so i’m Happy

    and i really could be a good mom to ccsakura, i was expecting a baby when i saw the anime so i’d wanted a little cute Sakura, but he was a boy a eal beauty who said to me he want to marry sakura when he was older!!!


  6. Tsubasa Covers are Love ♥
    [It made me think… maybe Watanuki inherited is need for glasses from grandpa Fujitaka ♥ (well is past need… he hasn’t been wearing them for a while now…)……. I’m sorry xDD I’m obsessed with Watanuki]

    Thank You for the news! =D


  7. I’m more excited about the Fujitaka cover than I was about the Seishirou or the Subaru covers. Strange, but maybe it’s because the Fujitaka one seems to possess sort of a meaning while the Sei and Su covers just looked kinda nice. XD;


  8. huh

    I hope that clamp stops committing mistakes like what they did in publishing X as a shoujo manga,I hope CLAMP continues Chin Hyang in another magazine.

    I’ll buy the Code Geass Artbook.


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