Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC OAD news

The official website of the Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC OADs has been updated with a few news.

First of all, the official logos of both titles have been announced, make sure to check them out!

Second, a new installment of Holitsuba Gakuen Drama CD will be released. In order to obtain it, one needs to purchase all 4 OADs of Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC and submit the application ticket that will come with the DVDs (it is only possible to obtain the Drama CD by purchasing all 4 DVDs).

Nanase Ohkawa once again is in charge of the script, and CLAMP will draw the jacket illustration.

Lastly, Tsubasa Shunraiki opening theme song will be performed by Maaya Sakamoto and entitled SONIC BOOM. The track will be included in Sakamoto’s upcoming album due on January 14.


35 thoughts on “Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC OAD news

  1. XXXHOLiC OAD logo doesn’t look what I thought it would look like:(
    But I’m very happy that Tsubasa OAD opening theme song will be performed by Maaya Sakamoto – I really like her songs^^


  2. Sonic Boom? *thinks of this terrible song (only click if you feel like ripping your ears off)*
    Sakamoto-san, please change my reaction to ‘sonic boom’ a more pleasant one šŸ˜€ You can do it!
    (Now that I think about it, the title makes the song sound upbeat; would this capture the dramatic events of the OAD? I’m not sure..)

    The Holic logo I’m not too fond of, I know it’s supposed to be xxxHOLiC; but it’s a bit TOO IMPOSING if you get me xD


    • >and I already thought we can give up on that….*happy* I wonder if you can get the Drama CD if you send the application from abroad…o.o

      I don’t know yet, but like all the others application methods, I would say no =/


      • Yep, I agree that it must be the last one. I hope it’s going to be great and special. x3 I want some tender YuuiFai scenes =3=;;

        Why not? =_=; It’s so unfair…OTL CLAMP doesn’t care about their international fans? =A=;; Btw when is the last DVD coming out? o.o and why 4? weren’t there only 2 DVDs coming out? o_o


  3. one needs to purchase all 4 OADs of Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC and submit the application ticket that will come with the DVDs

    And like always, this offer will be limited to only Japan ;___;
    I guess it’s useless to have regrets over something that I just won’t get no matter what.
    That said, I think I would have liked a new comic of Holitsuba, better then a CD drama.
    BTY, would you happen to know if TRC26+DVD is available yet on amazon.co.jp? I’ve pre-ordered Holic14+DVD in…august! but still there is no trace of TRC in sight…so I was wondering if I was looking for it incorrectly maybe…?


  4. Yey another Holitsuba!!!! I love Holitsuba (who doens’t?? *-*)

    I wonder if this time Sakuras twin sister, Sakora, will make her debut ahahahhahhaha
    (well, if syaoran’s twin is syaoron, why not sakora? XD)


  5. Oh yesh, another Holitsuba!

    The logos aren’t that bad in my opinion. šŸ˜” It’s just that Holic’s is missing that mystique smoky flair. xD *runs away before she is attacked for liking the logos*

    Thanks love!


  6. Thanks for the update!! *checking out the site* ^__^

    Opening song by Maaya Sakamoto that’s a bit of a change… normally she is in-charge of the ending song for TRC side!! I wonder who is doing the END song then?? I hope the pleasure goes to Makino-san ^^ [actually, I was expecting her to do the OP but Maaya is still good!!]

    Though the title of the song: Sonic Boom.. ^^;;; Somehow gave me a feel of a “typical” action/fighting series!! I mean yeah… there are probably 2 major fight in there [syao/sei] and [syao/cloney]… but just as the title “Thunder Chronicle in Spring”… it also seems out of nowhere with the present Arc = Nihon … Hopefully there’s more to it with the lyric and the melody [not just a fighting aura music] ^___^


  7. Holitsuba! 8D

    But, I’m honestly SO excited about Maaya Sakamoto doing the theme song. I’ve been thinking everyday practically how awesome it’d be for her to do the theme song! ♥ Her latest releases have been really amazing! :D;


  8. YAY!!! HORITSUBA!! I wonder what is going to be the next cd about…? Two Sakuras? Mokonas? A new character?

    Maaya Sakamoto this time? SHWEET!!! XD I’m sure it’ll be as great as the first one~! šŸ™‚

    btw, why is it that everytime you announced more updates about the OADs, I kept hoping for sketches? XD


  9. Thanks for the update^^ I didn’t saw the update when I checked today…I gotta look more careful @_@

    I was more looking forward to Yui Makino for the OP, but I like Maaya Sakamoto’s music as well =) I’m looking forward to the song. I’m going to buy the CD when it’s released =3


  10. WHEEEEEE~~ The official site looks gorgeous!!! No… wait… Cloney and Doumeki look funny!!! No…. T.T

    I don’t really care who’s song will be OP or ED… I just want Yui and Maaya~~ Sonic Boom sounds very different… Looks forward to listen!!


  11. I hoped that at least Yui Makino sings the theme song, now that Maaya Sakamoto is singing opening, I hope Yui-chan would sing ending song.

    AWWWWWW I want the new Horitsuba!!! It’s been a while.

    Thanks for the news.


    • love it

      OMG! love both news! this makes me so happy! … im glad maaya sakamoto is doing a tsubasa opening, she did cardcaptor sakura songs in the past.


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