CLAMP x Washizu raws, CLAMP in CARDLAND news

Remember the CLAMP x Washizu oneshot published earlier this month in Kindai Mahjong Original? Raws are now available in this gallery.

Credits go to , who scanned it (thanks for letting me know about it!) and , who sent the pages to .

Translations can be found here, also thanks to ^__^

And yet we have some more CLAMP in CARDLAND news, the official website has been updated again with previews of this Series’ special cards:

On the top left, Girls’ Sea.
On the top right, Boys’ Sea.

I liked that the two of them together form a full illustration, but I expected way more from Boys’ Sea, the composition looks poor.

Chii is gorgeous, Hikaru is so small! And Rayearth is in the background too!

Special thanks to Abyl for letting me know about it ^_~

EDIT: Bigger version of Girls’ Sea:

Click to enlarge it.

23 thoughts on “CLAMP x Washizu raws, CLAMP in CARDLAND news

  1. the girl’s sea and the boy’s sea look great! lol not to mention i’ve never really seen many pictures with kamui and fuuma together without the foreboding atmosphere -.- XD lol


    • >lol not to mention i’ve never really seen many pictures with kamui and fuuma together without the foreboding atmosphere -.- XD lol

      Indeed! They are very few xD But I hope they’ll draw one of those for future series =)


  2. Those stickers are basically half and half. Hope we get a full poster soon.

    And why are Fuuma and Kamui at the beach again? I remember seeing another theme like this.


  3. Thanks for the illustration ♥ I saw the two illustration on CLAMP in Cardland site, but I didn’t see Boys’Sea front card.
    I like them, even if I’m not very kind with the blue composition with a big mass red in the back ground.
    I thought also that it would be more male character in the “Boys’ Sea” illustration. It still has Kamui, so it’s great.
    I actually like this composition, plain but not poor. It’s like an holiday photography !
    I think Kobato-chan is like a mix between Sakura and Chii, so I’m glad we have an illustration with all three of them ^^ (Hikaru is so small indeed XD)


    • >I thought also that it would be more male character in the “Boys’ Sea” illustration

      Me too! It’s very empty X3

      I thought the composition of Boys’ Sea is poor, lots of unused space ^^”

      I think they did an illustration like this because is summer in Japan ^^


  4. It’s really frustrating, seeing those gorgeous cards, to know just how impossibly difficult it is to get them when you don’t live in Japan T____T

    Well, I can’t say I really miss Kobato, since the manga is still on going and pretty much in the very start, but having a new color pic of her is always nice ^^
    Hikaru already got several newly drawn pics of her in the previous Clamp in CardLand series, so I confess I am a bit surprised she got so much protagonism, again…

    In the end, the best two is the pair CCS|Sakura and X|Kamui, without a single doubt 😀
    I might actually get Sea of Boys in the future, since the ebay seller who always sells me the CiC collections put sometimes points cards in his ebay shop *crossing fingers* But is it really worth it to have half a picture…= *ponders* *looking at Kamui*


  5. Well it looks like that my imagination flies a lot XDDD It’s not what I was expecting but… it’s O.K. Actually, I was thinking on a “cheerful theme” but it’s more like “relax theme”. However, Chii gets part of the idea I had with her swimsuit and all; and thinking seriously… Sakura and Kobato aren’t the characters to do that kind of things XDDDDDDD I can’t say anything about Hikaru since she is REALLY small but it looks like that Fuuma is gazing at her ^0^ As for Ioryogi, I expected another thing, the idea of “Yeah whatever…I’m here” behavior doesn’t convince me at all.

    As always thanks for the images ChibiYuuto-san!!! ^____^


  6. Never commented before, but I’ve been watching your journal for a while XD Thanks for all the info and pictures you post!

    But… anyway… I, too, am disappointed by the Boys’ Sea card. It does seem plain and honestly, I expected it to be more Fuuma/Kamui x_x I mean, considering how suggestive the vampy twins card was…


  7. Illustrations are really great (although skinny Chii losts lots of her sexyness), but CG really hurts my eyes T^T. Clamp, I beg you, practice some more, tutor yourself or just use Copics (the best option for me). All new art used on Clamp Cards could be so much better if they’re properly collored *sigh*


  8. LOL! I’m surprised thre is not a Syaoran in the Boy’s Sea XDDDDDDD they forgot it? there is room enough for him XD

    Jokes a part, I’m so happy Clamp did another Fuuma x Kamui ilustration T_T


  9. Finally Kamui and Fuuma together again!!!! 🙂 😀 *clap clap clap*
    But…somehow it looks weird…Fuuma’s expression looks so not-Fuuma’s :S More like TRC’s Fuuma..but..that’s not the real X-Fuuma…that I love T.T

    >Not so fond of (too) dark-haired Kamui ^^”

    Me neither

    >Indeed, there’s another one with a similar theme, they are wearing white shirts and jeans. One of my favorites =)

    Mine too!!:D I heard that picture was a fan-service image …(it is hehe)

    Chii looks beautiful but like…….I don’t know…bigger? XD
    Thank you so much for the news!!!
    Can’t wait for a bigger version of the Boy’s sea n.n !!


  10. YAY! Fuuma/ Kamui~!! I honestly expected to see more characters for boys though. well I guess they needed the machine visible… and plus it takes less work. As a doodler I know how much of a pain to stick multiple characters in one page


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