CLAMP in CARDLAND event with CLAMP Talk Show

Both the NEWS BOARD section of CLAMP-NET.COM and CLAMP in CARDLAND’s official website announced today the 2nd official event of CLAMP in CARDLAND.

The event will take place in two days at different venues, one in Tokyo on November 23 and one in Osaka on December 21.

A talk show with CLAMP is scheduled for both days, and in order to participate, one needs to:

– Submit a Booster Box barcode from either one of the 4 series released so far.


– Submit the Dramatic Deck’s barcodes from both Card Captor Sakura and X & Tokyo Babylon versions.

Winners will be chosen by lottery.

Cool thing! The first time the members of CLAMP appear in a CLAMP in CARDLAND event. As always, let’s hope there will be coverages and pictures about these talk shows.

In addition, Series 4 has been released today in Japan and its Secret Card, Girls’ Sea, has surfaced on Yahoo Auctions website:

The backside, showing the full illustration, has not appeared yet =/


7 thoughts on “CLAMP in CARDLAND event with CLAMP Talk Show

  1. Sakura-chan is so cute !
    Thanks for sharing !

    I thing we won’t have a new Cardland official book now…what a pity v_v I don’t buy card but I would like to have the illustrations in books >_


  2. Sakura’s really cute ^^
    By the way, did you receive my message with the link for CLAMP x Washizu’s raws? I had some problems with LJ, so I was not sure if I did everything alright…


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