CLAMP Internet Radio #46

I need to catch up with those ^^”

– This episode was first aired on July 8, and they started the episode talking about a “pick-up day” (ナンパの日) or something, and about this Popeye magazine. I couldn’t really understand what they were saying.

– In the CLAMP Intelligence Agency ~ radio version corner, listeners were asked to send personal reports about “mysterious experiences”. Ohkawa mentioned it was their favorite theme xD

– Among the stories, some random listener claims that he might have seem an UFO, which reminded Ohkawa and Mokona of Independence Day.

– In the CLAMP’s Recommendation corner, CLAMP talked about their other favorite subject: food.

– Mokona recommends Otokomae’s Masahiro tofu that she ate recently, she finds it delicious. She loves Otokomae, by the way, she’s always posting pictures of their products in her Private Board.

– Ohkawa wants to eat unagi and sukiyaki (the others want as well).

– At the end of the show Ohkawa advertised the release of Tsubasa #24, “Sakura is on the deluxe cover. Not the one from volume 2, that’s a different Sakura” (or something like that xD) They also talked a bit about Mokona and Nekoi drawing for Code Geass R2’s second Ending sequence.

That’s pretty much what I was able to come with (nothing, LOL!), basically one big episode of e-mail reading and food talk xD

Komugikotoride no Yonshimin #46 (right click -> Save Target As…)

Size: 51 MB.
File type: MP3 – 192 Kbps.
Running time: 37 minutes.

15 thoughts on “CLAMP Internet Radio #46

  1. I post here because I don’t know where to post.
    I have a request. I’m not used to ask question, so, I hope you’ll apologize me if I make a mistake.
    I’m seraching for RAW scan of XXX Holic 12 (I’ve just buy it *w*) to do some avi and colorisations. I’ve entered the Room of Requirement for the first time of my life, it was very impressive *such a mysterious place to be*…but I didn’t find them there (only chapters of tome 13).
    I don’t want to download scanlations (I want to wait for the French edition, “reading” my japanese version which keep a lot of its mysteries)…so do you know where I can find them ?

    * I hope you won’t be bothered by the fact I post here*


    • You should check on Clamp2share livejournal communities ( They have a lot of scanned volumes of Clmap works. If they don’t have what you are looking for, ask for it and other members might have it. You have to be a member to see the contents and post, but it worths it.

      Long time no see Chibiyuuto! ^_^ Been busy the whole spring and summer. My job is getting way too time consuming and some friends convinced Tomoe and me to do cosplay, which is a hobby nearly as much time consuming as my job. -_-

      But well, I’m back on live journal, so thank you for sharing the radio show. ^_~


      • Thanks for giving the orientation for me =)

        Long time no see indeed, Mireime-chan! Talk about time-consuming issues! Work and uni are consuming me this year too.

        I missed you and your sister, glad that you are back! I thought you had lost (a bit) of your interest in CLAMP xDDDD

        And you’re welcome, for the radio show ^__^


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