Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC OAD release dates: January to April, 2009

Anime Anime website has an article about the Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC OADs and, according to them, all four installments will be released in four consecutive months, starting in January with XXXHOLiC’s first OAD.

That means we’ll have XXXHOLiC’s first OAD in January, Tsubasa’s first OAD in February, then one in March and the final one in April. That, according to Anime Anime.

I was under the impression that the second OAD of both XXXHOLiC and Tsubasa would be released simultaneously, but it seems like there will be an interval of one month between the releases.

Basing on that, we have two different scenarios:

January: XXXHOLiC #14 with OAD 1
February: Tsubasa #26 with OAD 1
March: XXXHOLiC #15 with OAD 2
April: Tsubasa #27 with OAD 2


January: XXXHOLiC #14 with OAD 1
February: Tsubasa #26 with OAD 1
March: Tsubasa #27 with OAD 2
April: XXXHOLiC #15 with OAD 2

The schedule above should not be considered as official as it is based on my own speculations on the subject. I will report here once the official dates are announced.

I think the first scenario is more likely to happen, but at the same time, it’s hard to believe that between XXXHOLiC #14 and #15 there’s only 2 months of difference. But CLAMP can always haste XXXHOLiC’s pace in order to meet that deadline. We shouldn’t discard the second scenario either.

So what about the manga? Is volume 27 and volume 15 the final volumes of Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC? Or there is a 28th volume for Tsubasa? If so, will it run for an entire volume without XXXHOLiC or is there a 16th volume planned for XXXHOLiC as well?

For the first time I’m thinking that 27 is just as possible as 28 volumes for Tsubasa. I need the official dates to make a decision xD But for now my guesses are either 27 or 28 volumes for Tsubasa and 15 volumes for XXXHOLiC.


22 thoughts on “Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC OAD release dates: January to April, 2009

  1. The big question still remains: is the plot the Infinity one?

    I think the possibilities are determined by the plot of those episodes
    -if they want to show us Infinity’s story and also Sakura and Watanuki scenes, then the second possibility is right one (infinity come before the events in Holic , and if they cut infinity’s story into halves the stabbing part comes in the second OAD) .

    But, if the plot is the original one – then I think the first possibility is more alike


  2. I don’t see how the first option is really possible though. When you consider that xxxholic has about 12 chapters a volume, a two month release doesn’t make much sense.

    Well, I guess we’ll find out in time. =]


    • Sure, but CLAMP could start drawing volume 15 in November and they would have time for a March release. Just saying that it is possible, even though it seems unlikely.


  3. I think it is possible to have a 16th volume for XXXHolic. If the series were about to finish, it would be announced.


  4. My bet’s on 27 for TRC cause there is also the Mangettes project. {think about the Deluxe as well, 3 remaining, 1 FWR, 1 with Syaoran and 1 with Sakura again. I could totally see this happening, coming full circle.}


    • I thought about Mangettes and Deluxe too.
      It’s one character less to feature on Deluxe. And my guesses are Fujitaka, Nadeshiko and Fei Wang.

      But 28 is also possible. School Rumble had OADs in volumes 21 and 22, volume 23 is the final volume and it won’t come with any OADs, it could be the same for Tsubasa, we’ll see ^^


  5. Thank for the info. As strange as this could be is it possible that the last xxxHOLiC OAV will be given with TRC Vol. 28 instead than xxxHOLiC Vol. 15? Or was specifically said that the xxxHOLiC OAV would be sold only with xxxHOLiC volumes?
    If xxxHOLiC OAD 2 contains the saga of Watanuki dreaming Sakura it would be still connected enough to TRC to be okay for it to be sold with a TRC volume…
    Just an idea…


  6. Thanks for the news, Chibi Yuuto!

    I wonder what the plot of the OADs will be? I’ve been dying to see Infinity and Celes animated ever since reading the manga and watching the first OAD, so I’m hoping that they’ll use that material from those arcs and include the scenes between Sakura and Kimihiro in the Holic OADs…

    Personally, I’d be crushed if Celes was never animated… I mean, without it people who don’t read the manga know virtually nothing about Fay, right? ^^;


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