TRC 187!

Clean scans at you-know-where.

– Didn’t think we’d see Kamui so soon. I miss him xD
– Ohkawa and Mokona, CLAMP in general, of course, really know how to make a sad scene. Seriously, I’m not that emotional, for fiction, that is. The little boy melting away, repeating the same things (again, unaware of everything that was happening), and then Syaoran’s hug. That was sad and it moved me.
– real!Syaoran MET real!Sakura? WTF! And not just met, she was always by his side? Right now I can only ask myself, really. Can’t think of anything else. I promisse I’ll try to make a theory, feel free to help me xDDD Is that why Sakura was so fond of clone when they met? Because she met real!Syaoran before? Or is it another Sakura who appeared at the ruins? Does this has anything to do with the surprise element of OAD #3?
– I love how CLAMP puts their heroes in the same level as their so-called “villains”. It’s great.


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