Kobato. #2 cover

Kadokawa added in their official website the cover of Kobato. #2:

Very pretty, isn’t it? I like it better than the 1st one.

I think we can assume that the tankoubon cover will most likely feature illustrations that appeared for the first time in a Newtype cover.

Kobato. #2 will be released on April 26.

EDIT: And since we are in the subject, su_chan has found a scan of this month’s Kobato. News!!, published in Newtype magazine, where we can see a preview of the CLAMP in 3-D LAND 6th Series package. You can check it in this post.


39 thoughts on “Kobato. #2 cover

  1. I think it’s true that the covers from the magazines will feature the covers for tankoubun like Tsubasa. I know, this one’s pretty!!


  2. Thanks for the pimping ;_; and the scan I found also has a card of Iroyogi (ok, I don’t know the correct spelling) and this volume is the volume with more Fujimotoness ^________^


    • You’re welcome! ^__^

      >and this volume is the volume with more Fujimotoness ^________^

      So far it sure is!

      Don’t they have more scans, the place you took that one from?


  3. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto!! Genki desu ka! *glomps*

    Wow! Hontou sugoi desu yo ne!! ^o^ That is a very nice cover indeed.
    Awhh… Ioryogi looks so cute trying to eat the snow! >///< *bliss*
    Not to forge that Kobato is very cute too. Hontou kirei desu wa!!

    Arigatou gozaimasu for the report! *super genki*

    Ki o tsukete, Chibi-Yuuto!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


  4. thanks for the update chibiyuuto-san!
    I love this cover!, not only because kobato looks beautiful but ioryogi´s expression is priceless! 😀 makes me smile
    see ya next post!


  5. I knew it! I knew that this one would be the cover! *but i still think the cover of the first volume is top of the top! Amazing!*

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Thank you very much !

    I would love to see new illustration for Kobato’s cover but I guess that CLAMP-sensei are very busy with all their series v_v

    I like the illustration of CLAMP in 3D-land, Kurogane is so virile on it *w* And all oser characters look cute >w


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