A pack of news

Because I’m a gentleman, ladies first xD


Here it is, finally, the Point Card of CLAMP in CARDLAND 2nd Series, “uncensored” version:

I am slightly disappointed with it, to tell you the truth. I think it’s the painting, it bothers me a little this CG, specially when I know copics would give it a much more magical feeling to it. But of course I liked it *drools*

Nonetheless, it’s so nice to see the Rayearth girls again, Umi looks particularly gorgeous makes me wanna marry her. Tokyo Tower needs more attention, period. xD

This picture is here thanks to our always-so-nice fellows of Yahoo Auctions. More pictures should be added later in this link (as other fellows get their hands on this card).

• Code Geass:

The NEWS BOARD section of CLAMP-NET.COM was updated today to announce that CLAMP will be in charge of the drawings for the Ending sequence of Code Geass R2. This news was first announced, however, in this month’s Newtype magazine. You can view a scan of the article in this link, via , of course!

I find that absolutely great! The more CLAMP gets involved, the better. I can’t wait to check out this ED!

Moreover, it was announced that group ORANGE RANGE will sing both the Opening and Ending Themes. The song titles of the Opening and Ending Themes will be O2 and Shiawase Neiro, respectively.

Code Geass R2 starts on April 6th.

• Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations:

The official website of Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations has been updated one last time before the release of its final chapter, there’s a new background illustration and a new diary entry (nothing revealing on the latter).

Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations #3 comes out next Monday, on March 17.


22 thoughts on “A pack of news

  1. Pretty card~ Glad to see Umi, Hikaru and Fuu again! ♥

    I’m excited about CLAMP doing the ED theme’s drawings. Code Geass illustrations should be treasured XD

    Gosh, it feels like just yesterday we were all anxiously awaiting the first installment of the Tokyo Revelations OVAs! Kinda sad that the Tokyo Revelations OVAs are almost over~ but ->hopefully


  2. ORENJI RENJI! /o/ I am pleased.
    And yay, I expect pretty scenes in that ED :DD

    The card is *very* pretty, but I agree that it looks too, dunno, /sharp/?
    And when you *don’t* want to marry Umi? XDDD


    • ORENJI RENJI, haha!! XD

      It’s too simple, I think, for MKR. Where’s all the glowing, all the shinnin-ness? But it’s still eatable, of course ^^

      >And when you *don’t* want to marry Umi? XDDD

      LOL! Have I said I wanted to marry her before? XD


      • Exactly! The shining-ness (is that even a word? XD) is missing.

        I do believe I’ve heard read you saying that once or twice before XDD Last time was when you commented CiW, and you actually wanted to marry the three of them XDDD


        • I believe shiningness is a word XDDDDDDDD


          Yeah, I wanted to marry all three but deep deep down if I were to choose one, it would have been Umi XDDD I mean she’s BLUE!


  3. *squees* Yay! Thanks for the Code Geass news! I LOVE Orange Range, so it’ll be fun to hear them do the theme songs. Though I’m sad that the Summer Special op song isn’t coming back. It was amazing.


    • I don’t know Orange Range, I’ll be checking their songs when the new season starts ^^
      But good for you, they’ll do both the OP and ED, it’s nice to have your favorite artist is double dose.


  4. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto!! Genki desu ka! ^^

    Because I’m a gentleman, ladies first xD

    *laughs very hard* AWH!! How nice of you to do that. =D
    The perfect gentleman – I love that from a guy who does such kind gestures and manners. *blushes*
    I know that you should definitely do that when you meet Ohkawa, ne! ^.~

    Anyway, if the coloring of the MKR card would’ve been better… I would be fascinated by it. I love Umi and Fuu – they’re so lovely. ^^ We should definitely rally for Tokyo Tower for it’s a great landmark. I’ve heard that they’re planning to build a new tower in the near future, but Tokyo Tower will always be my absolute favorite!! Those Code Geass illustrations are very awesome indeed and I love the music from ORANGE RANGE. Yay!! ^o^

    I still am amazed that the flow of time really did passed by fast since this week is the release of the 3rd TRC OAD! O.o Now I know that waiting two months for something is pretty fast. I can’t wait for the Fai’s vampire henshin and Sakura-hime’s action scenes with the gun. *giggles* I hope that CLAMP plans for the Infinity story to be animated very soon. May the gods hear us on this one, ne!

    Let’s hear it for the boys as the illustration background at the website is pretty nice! ♥ ♥ ♥
    Subaru, Syaoran, and Kamui – all of you are handsome in there!! TOTAL LOVE! >///< *SQUEE!*

    Thanks for the latest CLAMP news! Ureshii desu wa!! *glomps*

    Ki o tsukete, Chibi-Yuuto!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


    • Now YOU made me blush XDDDDDDDD

      > I love Umi and Fuu – they’re so lovely. ^^

      I have to agree Hikaru is my least favorite in this illustration, too.

      >I’ve heard that they’re planning to build a new tower in the near future, but Tokyo Tower will always be my absolute favorite!!

      Really? I haven’t heard of that story! o.o Well, if it’s pretty like Tokyo Tower, then it’ll be great! But there’s this big legend surrounding Tokyo Tower already, it’ll be hard to surpass that ^^

      You’re welcome for the news, I’m so excited for the 3rd OAD too, can’t wait ^^


  5. thanks for the news, gentleman!.. xDDDDD
    it’s a really pretty card 😀 I agree, umi looks particulary great!
    it’s great to know clamp will do the ed drawings *__* can’t wait to see ’em
    and I’ve never heard of orange range T_T…but I’ll check ’em out when it’s april 6th! yay
    see ya chibiyuuto-gentleman-san! x3


  6. I really think that this Rayearth Illustration doesn’t do the series any justice, they look incredibly plain and too shounen. I enjoyed seeing them again, but expected a lot more.


  7. CLAMP why did you make a rayearth fan cry? u____u

    I know it’s good to see them since a long time but I expected a brand new illustration but “this” gives me the feeling of a modify-copy of a illustration that already existed; also the quality is not the best… O.K. maybe I’m the only one that think that way. However, CLAMP drawing Code Geass ending! that deserves to be seen *o*

    Well thanks for the news, and the good manners are always appreciated ^__^


  8. Thanks for the news and I love the new background from Tsubasa OAD. The background of the background pic. is awesome!!



    CLAMP -sensei’s doing the ending pic of R2~~~~~~ And OMG~~~ DO I see Lulu and Viletta-“sensei” in the SHCOOL???!!! O.o WHAT HAPPEND???!!!!! Can’t wait~~~ TQ again Chibi-Yuuto sama~~


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