Unimportant news

The title says it all xD

The official website of Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations has been slightly updated today featuring a new entry of the Production Diary.

The latest entry has a picture of a present that CLAMP sent to Production IG’s studio on Valentine’s Day: chocolate!

I found it totally amusing and adorable which is why I wanted to post it xDDDD I too want a chocolate signed by CLAMP. I would never eat it!!

On another unimportant news, the official website of Newtype magazine has a report from a special talk about XXXHOLiC that took place in an event celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Production IG. The event was held on Jan. 20th, with director Tsutomu Mizushima and seiyuus Sayaka Ohara (Yuuko) and Fukuyama Jun (Watanuki) attending as guests.

According to the report, there was nothing revealing about the upcoming new season, and CLAMP members didn’t attend either, hence the unimportanceness of this news (for this humble journal’s nature xD).

EDIT: There’s a new background illustration at Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations official site too. This time featuring Sakura. Thank you for the heads up ^^


34 thoughts on “Unimportant news

  1. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto!! Genki desu ka! *glomps*

    Uwaaa…. sono CLAMP no chokoreeto wa hontou oishiisou desu yo ne! I want to try some!! Itadakimasu! ^o^ *rushes to try and grab some* That’s pretty awesome to have Yuuko and Watanuki as guest. Demo awh… that’s so sad that nothing was told about the new season or at least one of the CLAMP ladies showing up. I expect at least Ohkawa or Mokona to be there for that event. Mou… ;_____; *sobs a little*

    Arigatou gozaimasu for sharing this lovely report! *bows*

    Ja ne!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


    • By the way, I saw the new wallpaper featuring Sakura-hime in her Tokyo “Lara Croft” outfit and I must say that I love it so much!! Not just with the Lara Croft concept, but sometimes she also reminds me of Alice from those “Resident Evil” movies. And if you have watched or heard the third movie “Resident Evil: Extinction”… the concept of the character and the city-devastated desert scenery are really similar (only giant worms instead of dead zombies XD). WHOA!! *is amazed*

      I wonder if I can find the area on the website to download that wallpaper along with the rest of them. It simply looks wonderful and gosh I love her serious attitude holding that gun like that. Love it!!

      Sugoi desu wa! YOU GO, HIME!! ^o^


        • *rushes for she is busy with her important duties*

          Hontou desu ka? YATTA! / *super genki*
          Take your time in it for there’s no rush to it. ^^
          *SQUEE!* Hontou arigatou gozaimasu, Chibi-Yuuto!!
          You’ve made me so happy today, dude. Ureshii desu wa!!

          *big hugs*


    • You DON’T like black chocolate? My god! I love it. I like it more than the white one, actually, much more.

      But you’re not alone, you know you’re not. There are loads of people who don’t like the black one (or simply don’t like chocolate at all). They are few, but they exist xD


  2. Wow…that’s one nice valentine XDDD They better get something good for White Day XDD

    If i got something like taht I wouldn’t eat it either >.< it's too pretty and I love Chocolate


  3. That chocholate looks delicious. But I don’t like sweets. And, I’m sure, is poisoned! XDD
    It remembers me the episode of GD of ChocoRikuo. And Watanuki, of course! *OOO*


  4. Thoses chocolates look delicious!

    Well, chocoloat is made ot be eaten so if I had received this, I would had took a picture and then eat it all. ^_^

    And since I didn’t get my breakfast yet, I’m starving now. -_-


  5. looks so perfect and tasty! if I received it from CLAMP I would treasure it forever *.* I love chocolate! it’s probably my moost favorite candy of all time, everything made from and with chocolate tastes good, I pity one of my friends who loves chocolate but has an allergy to it T__T….sniff, thanks for the news!


  6. Waaaah, CLAMP’s valentines day chocolate, so cute…. wonder if it’s homemade~

    I wonder if the the studio’s going to give a White Day gift in return. ;p
    The only gift worthy of CLAMP would be their souls… or a really good job on the last Tokyo Revelations Episode. :3

    If I got Valentine’s Day chocolate from CLAMP I’d never eat if either. ♥


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