Tsubasa 108 Spoilers

I felt forced to do this because I can’t keep it inside me XDDDDD anyway:

The chapter title is “A Country Build on Sand”

Syaoran and the others find a building that is not collapsed, and oh, look at that, it looks very familiar to Tokyo’s Governmental Office !
They find a bunch of corpses in it, with arrows pierced on their vital parts (in order to kill them). A group of people is shooting them with some kind of bow gun.
One of the arrows pierces Syaoran with no mercy. The leader of the group is called “Kamui”, the others also start to aim at Syaoran now.

You have no idea of how happy I am with that. I just can’t wait for this chapter like I never waited for another one before ! *_____* This world IS going to be X’s world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO, Ohkawa still love us all !! She reserved the best world to the end (near the end, whatever xD) *_____*

You might be wondering why/how the hell do I know this ? There’s a japanese BBS where the guy posts the requested summaries (he always gets his SM earlier ^^). I can guarantee to you, though, that this summary is true ^^

But I wouldn’t go thinking that this is really Kamui. Who knows if it’s not Fuuma claiming to be “Kamui”? The spoiler guy is not supposed to know X’s story and he’s simply typing down what he read.
I tell you this because we all know Tokyo’s Governmental Office is the DoE’s building while the Tokyo Tower is from the DoH.
Also, Fuuma seems more likely to go shouting arrows at people instead of Kamui.

But it could well be Kamui himself, shall we wait and see? ^^

Thank you Sakura-chan for helping me out with the translation and for hearing my screams of joy !! XDDD

74 thoughts on “Tsubasa 108 Spoilers

  1. Ah,that bare-guy…shouldn’t we go to thank him at least??XD I’ll do it right now 😉 I’m very happy to see that finally we’ve been heard from Ohkawa!!^O^ Now we only have to see if it’s really Kamui or Fuuma claiming to be him..O.o anyway,YAY!!And you’re welcome,for the translation 😉


    • Omg we so forgot to thank him because of the joy XDDDDDDD Sure, go thank him to have been born !

      Ohkawa-sama was reserving this for us since the very beginning ;_; she’s so awesome. But poor her, this will only make us to want X to return even more xDDDDD


  2. Hi! *de-lurks*

    It seems like CLAMP made up for the lack of Eriol in the country before ^_^ I’m so glad.

    By the way, I haven’t see this posted here (sorry if it has).. but, do you have the Tsubasa 2006 anime calendar? Because I found it, I could upload it for you if you want it ^^


  3. KAMUI!

    I really hope it’s an alter story, and not a butchering of X.

    However, I really can imagine a pre-Kotori’s death!Kamui being so psycho. He wasn’t so polite at the beginning. So in my opinion, it could be either Kamui. Or somebody else who’s not a Kamui but calls him/herself Kamui.


    • I’m almost sure it’s an alter story… Ohkawa had in mind X’s end way before creating Sakura XD

      >He wasn’t so polite at the beginning

      Sure, I know what you mean. That’s why maybe it’s him. We can’t trow away the possibility of being Fuuma, though.


      • >I’m almost sure it’s an alter story… Ohkawa had in mind X’s end way before creating Sakura XD

        I don’t believe she they’ll end X in another work, that will be a reverse kick to fans who have been waiting for years!! But it may be a “possible future”, the real future or the oppposite one.

        It’s Ten no Ryu’s future (the world destroyed by humanity), so it will be Kamui if their victory means Fuuma’s death, or Fumma if their victory means Kamui MUST die to save Fuuma and TnR’s future. Anyways, it’s getting more and more exciting *_*.


    • ^___^ When there’s Kamui, there’s Fuuma and when there’s Fuuma, there’s Kamui so if it’s not him in this one, then Fuuma will show up sooner or later too ^^

      (And yes, this IS guaranteed to be true, as true as I knew that last chapter Fye was gonna cast his magic ^___^)


      • Looks like I’ll have to start paying attention to Tsubasa again.

        What would be awesome is if in this world Kamui was the Kamui of the DOE and Fuuma was the Kamui of the DOH. Or if they were to tell the real end of X through flashbacks. (Yeah, I know… I can dream though)


  4. Yeah X’s world!!! Looks like the prayers are working XD
    I can’t wait to see the new chapter, I think it’s going to be a good one and CLAMP is going to torture us, because there isn’t Tsubasa on March 8th. So we will say “what’s next, what’s next? I’m going to be crazy!!!” ^_^


    • Re: o_O

      Thank you ! I only know a couple of engenious sites. I only bring the news, I don’t make them ^__^

      I can add you surely, but later, when I know you better XD LOL, I don’t even know your name XDDDDDDD


  5. Tokyo Metropolitan Building? Kamui? The world of X?

    O_O *faints* *recovers* ^_^

    NO, Ohkawa still love us all !! She reserved the best world to the end (near the end, whatever xD)
    *nods madly*

    It’s evil that there is going to be a break after this chapter.


    • *nods*

      I don’t know how many times I fainted and recovered myself today ! XD I can’t even imagine on wednesday !

      >It’s evil that there is going to be a break after this chapter.
      So eBBBBBil, it’s torture >.< so like CLAMP to do that !


  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





  7. …………..i am sooo going to buy this magazine, even if i’m currently in major debt. O____________O

    do you know which book is it? like which issue of the Shounen Magazine?


  8. Aww, damn you with that tempting LJ cut, you made me look. XD

    You’ll forgive me if I don’t squee like everyone else. Hey, I like the guy, but… *attacked by rabid fangirls* ^^;;;

    On one side I’m still disappointed that it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting any more Fai-hints (not that I think Fai is going to give up anything, so I guess there’s no point in hoping yet), but on the other it’s always nice to see new (but old) characters revived, and see some action. Let’s just hope we get actually plot and not let’s-defeat-Kamui-and-move-on-to-next-world. Hmm.. if other-Syaoran is awake, we better get plot!

    *shuts up and waits for Wednesday…..* ^^

    (Oh, and thanks for the info! ^^; )


    • Hahaha I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself ^^”””

      I hope we get more plot elements too ! It’s been a while o.o and I’ll be very sad if Syaoran/Kurogane decides to kick Kamui’s butt because they so can’t XDDD

      Ow, and you’re welcome ^___^


  9. OMG OMG!

    Firstly appologies for not commenting before! Secondly SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! So excited by this news! Also does anyone else think this world would be the perfect place to reveal Subaru at last???


  10. GOD EXISTS AND OUR PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED!Tearfully happy!X is much more than a manga and an obsession it’s my way out of the harsh reallity,my drug my relligion!Thank you so much for this news!CAN’T WAIT FOR SCANS!


  11. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is this seriously what’s going to happen?!?!?! Corpses?!?! Man, hope none of them sees any look-alike from their world so they freak out! And, NOOO!!! Not Syaoran!!!!! WHAT’RE THEY GONNA DO TO HELP HIM?!?!?!?! Any chances Kurorin knows anything about wounds? Being a warrior and all he can pitch in or something… Or will Fai heal Syaoran with his magic?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. > But I wouldn’t go thinking that this is really Kamui. Who knows if it’s not Fuuma claiming to be “Kamui”?

    Yeah I won’t get too excited just yet cause what if it’s neither Kamui or Fuuma? Ha ha! Somehow I could imagine CLAMP being so cruel. They just love to tease their readers. ^u^

    ~ karin


  13. YAAAAY!

    I can’t wait for this I can’t wait for this I can’t wait for this I can’t wait for this I can’t wait for this I can’t wait for this XDDDDDDDDDDDDd

    Ok, this is current’s week one, isn’t it? it is going to be the best ;D


  14. OMG

    Nyaaaaaaa!! you want to give me a heartattack don’t you??? XDDDDDDD! hahaha lol just kidding, OMG!! I screamed!!! @_@ as a really crazy girl XDDDDDDDDD…*o* omg!!!! I CAN’T really wait to see that chapter!!!! omg if kamui appears I’m soooooo gonna worship even more clamp XD hahahah….seriously *u* OMG Thanks for this new/spoiler XDU Whatever, I luv spoilers hahaha XD


  15. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O-M-G ……. K-A-M-U-I!!!!!!!
    Yuuto I don’t have words to thank you for this news!!*______*
    Yesterday when I read your post I was too happy to be able to write!!!!^O^
    You made my day,my week,my month…..my Year!!!!!!!!XDDD ^v^
    Thanks,thanks so much….and excuse me if I can’t contain my joy!!!!!!!;)


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