Today is a day full of news and cool stuff ^__^

April Edition:

Card Captor Sakura is going to be aired for the last time tomorrow, before Tsubasa’s big opening. The Sakura Card season will be aired after Tsubasa’s end, on October.
The first DVD-BOX containing episodes 1~23 has been released.
The second DVD-BOX will be released on June 24th (episodes 24~46)
The third and last DVD-BOX will be released on July 22nd (episodes 47~70)

Kobato chapter 5 is scheduled to be released on Sunday GX May edition, out on May 19th (why aren’t all the monthly magazines also named towards it’s month? Ne, su_chan?) No color pages planned for this issue.

Tsubasa will take a break on Shonen Magazine number 21 (out on April 20th) and will be back on the double edition 22&23 (out on April 27th). No color pages planned, yet… because usually, those double editions are always somehow special. CLAMP-NET doesn’t say nothing about color pages, but there’s still April 16th update so, who knows?

The cover of ツバサ公式ガイドブック CARACTere GuiDE has been announced! I really liked the yellow tone ^^

However, not so good news about XXXHOLiC… It’s going to take a 3-issues break, knowing that, one of these issues is the double issue. There’s a new chapter due to be released on April 4th, after that, it’ll only come back on May. I’m really starting to worry about it o.o

PRODUCTION I.G website has been renewed! And it looks MUCH better than it used to look ^^ Besides, they finally mentioned XXXHOLiC on their “upcoming works”, check it out here (no pictures or information, as I said, they only mentioned it… for the first time ever, though, after the movie announcement.).

CLAMP ALBUM updates!

CLAMP are apologizing themselves for not been able to write on their ALBUM recently (daijoubu, we forgive you ^O^).
They said that they were really, really busy during this period of the end of March.
They also said that they are suffering from fever, cold, stiff shoulders and also because of the deadlines XD (this one most of all).
And finished saying that they are happy because now the spring is coming, and if I understood correctly, the cans (possibly beer’s) can now come off (from the fridge?) XDDDDDDD

Here is one of our favorites cats, Hime, taking a nap under the sofa (these kitties don’t know how lucky they are… or maybe yes, they do know… look at her “Be jealous, I can sleep under CLAMP’s sofa” face..) They said that she was there for about 2 hours ^0^

This is one interesting! This is the illustration CLAMP used to let everybody know (friends, publishing companies, etc) that they have moved the studio. CLAMP used normal mail to inform them because they really like letters ^__^

And finally this last one is the advertisement found on the subway about CLAMP Su’s passnet. One of CLAMP friends took the picture and sent it to them ^^ This good will be sold not only on the event, but also in several subway stations ^_^

Sweet Valerian Scans!

My friend blaize_chan posted on her blog scans of one of the Sweet Valerian’s tiny manga that was published on Nakayoshi #12! Just to clarify, it’s not draw by CLAMP (they are only responsible for the original concept of the character design, the art of the manga is by Hatano Hiyoko).
So, if you want to download it, check out her blog ^____^ Thank you Blaize-chan!

PS: The blog is in portuguese language so it may be difficult to find the link. It’s the first link under Sweet Valerian’s pic ^^

Today is a very special day because is CLAMP’s former 16th Anniversary—————! Let’s all worship our favorites authors and wish them luck, success and many realizations! Let’s all hope this is only the beginning of CLAMP, that they will have a lot more anniversaries to celebrate ^__^

Also celebrating their birthdays are: CCS!Sakura, Tsubasa!Sakura, Watanuki Kimihiro and Tsubasa!Syaoran (knowing that Sakura-hime gave to him this birthday).
Happy Birthday to all of them!

Just to clarify, no, none of these news are some kind of “April’s Fool joke” they are really true, at least from my part (if CLAMP is lying then I don’t have anything to do with that XD)

30 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !

  1. Buuu~~ Why are they copping out on my bday? =3= Ah, well, still, a double edition might be something good to look forward to as well. X3

    Thanks for all the updates! *hugs*


  2. Ah, so that’s why they put that Mokona Modoki picture…

    So cute, the Sanrio-looking ponies. Gotta love how the cowboy hats match the earrings and forehead gem.


  3. speaking of birthdays

    happy birthday to our beloved clamp characters; sakura-chan, sakura-hime, syaoran, and watanuki! and perhaps seishirou as well, if you use his “birthday” from Tokyo Babylon.


      • Re: speaking of birthdays

        It was in Tokyo Babylon. When Seishirou takes Subaru to an electronic fortune-teller, he uses April 1st as his own birthday… Well, we can’t expect the former Sakurazukamori to use his real birthday, now can we? ^_~


      • Re: speaking of birthdays

        Agora entendi porque o niver do seishirou aparecia dia 01/04 e 22/11 em BIRTHDAY… Como não li TB inteiro, não sabia disso ú.ù
        Feliz Aniversário pra Sakura-hime e Shaoran (essa não sabia mesmo)!
        Ah! De nada, Yuuto-san ^__^ Faz um tempão que tinha escaneado mas tinha esquecido de postar ^^” Só que sobrecarregou por causa dos acessos e não está mais abrindo… Tive que retirar o link por enquanto…
        Bom, depois que resolver esse problema colocarei de novo…


        • Re: speaking of birthdays

          ahahahahaha desculpa! Acredito que foi por minha causa ^^”””” Se vc quiser eu hospedo no meu servidor ^^

          22/11? Mas um dos dois tem q ser o real… como assim o CLAMP botou as 2 datas? o.o


          • Re: speaking of birthdays

            Creio que seja 22/11 mas sério, aparecia em duas datas mesmo o_o Não sei o por quê elas fizeram isso ou foi pra deixar na dúvida mesmo ^^”
            Hospedei em outro servidor, só espero que não dê pau novamente ^^’ Republiquei no blog e no LJ tb. Mas se vc quiser hospedar no seu, pode ficar a vontade ^_~


  4. name of the other cat?

    hello i’d like to know what’s the name of CLAMP’s brown cat? hope it’s not too much trouble. thank you!


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