New Tsubasa Preview

Now that we are a week for the big opening, the Tsubasa TV Anime official site has now a preview for the 1st episode ^__^

Check it out here

All very great but one thing, didn’t like Yuuko’s eyes, at least not on that scene.

20 thoughts on “New Tsubasa Preview

  1. *watches*


    I’ve decided I’ll have low expectations for this, and I’ll be surprised if I actually like something.

    It’s easier that way; less disappointments.


    • ehehe ^^”””””” At least is reaching my expectations, until now…
      wait until I find out that Ohkawa is NOT related with any script of the series (which, at this point, is highly likely)


      • Probably. Look what they did to X the Movie: any relation with the manga is pure coincidence.

        Aaaaah, my gorgeous Yuuko, what are they doing to you? I swear, if Production I.G follows the Bee Train character design, or if the former butches Yuuko in TC, blood will be shed. With a katana. I’ll dress in yellow spandex and pull a “Kill Bee”, yes.

        Did Syaoran just jumped on flying!winged!Sakura, or am I seeing things? I’ll have to watch again…

        I’m not sure about Sakura’s seiyuu. She fits her, yeah, but she sounds a lot like Rie Tanaka’s Chii, and I’m not exactly fond of that acting example.


        • T-T *wants Ohkawa*
          But Ohkawa did most of the scripts for X the movie

          >I’ll dress in yellow spandex and pull a “Kill Bee”, yes.

          Me too!!!!!!!! *loves Kill Bill*

          >Did Syaoran just jumped on flying!winged!Sakura, or am I seeing things? I’ll have to watch again…

          I think he was hanged in some place o.o Then he jumped!


        • Tb não gostei dos olhos dela -__- Pior que no character design estava bacana, espero que seja só naquela cena mesmo…
          Gostei da voz da Sakura, está bem kawaii… Agora ouvindo os dois, ficaram legais ^^ Mas fiquei um pouco decepcionada com os efeitos visuais… Estou na expectativa ainda e espero que seja só impressão…
          Ah, Seishirou-san *__* Seu lay novo tá show! Eu adoro essa img mas nunca encontrei uma legal… Onde vc a pegou?!


  2. Thanks for this Yuuto-kun!! I guess I’m too easily pleased ’cause I squeed quite loudly when I saw the scene where the four of them appear at Youko’s garden for the first time.


  3. I like the music, can’t wait to hear the whole thing. And finally got to hear Sakura’s voice! but I need to hear it genki, it’s not Sakura if there’s no genki-ness. =p

    But otherwise, very cute, I’m definitly looking forward to this.


  4. Thank you for the link! I’m excited! xD I agree that the animation is kind of funny, but I’m not too disappointed with the voice acting. Makino Yui seems to fit Sakura pretty well, in my opinion. x3 Only time will tell, though!


  5. omg

    i can’t belive its becoming an anime thats so cool!^.^ I’m a big fan of Clamps manga and animes. And does anyone know if Tsubasa will be coming to America in anime form?


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