New XXXHOLiC manga series to begin in February

It was announced today at the CLAMP FESTIVAL 2012 NAGOYA that a new series of the XXXHOLiC manga will begin in February.

The new series will be called XXXHOLiC ◆ Rei (XXXHOLiC ◆ 戻 ) and will be published in Young Magazine. The kanji for 戻 roughly means “return”.

This will coincide with the release of the XXXHOLiC artbook, the TV Drama and also the series’ 10th Anniversary.

All of this makes a lot of sense, if you ask me. There couldn’t be a better time, strategic-wise, to resume the series. I would presume that Kodansha and CLAMP already knew that there would be a live action adaptation and decided to put the series on hiatus in order to wait for it. I’d say that everything was planned from the start.

So CLAMP is back to weekly magazines, and back to 3 works simultaneously. Very nice!

In other news, we now finally have the release dates for GATE 7 #4 and Drug & Drop #1. It will be a simultaneous release on February 4. Drug & Drop #1 will cost 588 yens.


GATE 7, Drug & Drop on break until December

Uh-oh, some bad news for those who were expecting GATE 7 and Drug & Drop to be resumed in November.

Today’s update of CLAMP-NET.COM shows that both series have been given an extra month on break, postponing their return now for December.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

10/04 – Young Ace #11 – Break (on sale).
11/04 – Young Ace #12 – Break.
12/04 – Young Ace #1 – Chapter 11.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

10/04 – Jump SQ #11 – Break (on sale).
11/04 – Jump SQ #12 – Break.
12/04 – Jump SQ #1 – Chapter 19.

Perhaps CLAMP hasn’t fully recovered from the illness that made them put both works on this pause. The last chapters of GATE 7 and Drug & Drop were published in August.

XXXHOLiC artbook to be released in January 2013

From Young Magazine‘s website comes the news that the XXXHOLiC artbook will finally be released at the end of January, 2013:


The artbook will have a total of 160 illustrations.

In other news, CLAMP-NET.COM has the updated schedules for Drug & Drop and GATE 7 — they are both back in November.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

09/04 – Young Ace #10 – Break (on sale).
10/04 – Young Ace #11 – Break.
11/04 – Young Ace #12 – Chapter 11.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

09/04 – Jump SQ #10 – Break (on sale).
10/04 – Jump SQ #11 – Break.
11/04 – Jump SQ #12 – Chapter 19.

UPDATE: CLAMP drew Joylene Kujo for the JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure 25th Anniversary Book, check it out! Thank you drakonika for the info!

New mook “CLAMP Pia”! (Updated)

There will be a new mook/fanzine by CLAMP entitled “CLAMP Pia” (CLAMPぴあ) to be released on September 22, in celebration for the CLAMP FESTIVAL 2012 events.

The latest information about XXXHOLiC, Drug & Drop and GATE 7.

Introduction to all 23 CLAMP works, and some works outside the comics.

●CLAMP FESTIVAL 2012 information
Map access to the venues, tickets information.

CLAMP will draw a new illustration for the cover.
Price: 1,200 yens.
A4 / full color / 96 pages.
☆: Appendix: 24 postcards featuring illustrations from all 23 CLAMP works + the magazine cover with new illustration.

Booking through Pia Book you get an exclusive clear file.

Sounds exciting! In this uneventful era that we are currently living. Looking forward to the news that will be published in this fanzine and the cover illustration 😉

UPDATE: Also, there has been some changes in the chapter schedules for both GATE 7 and Drug & Drop: more breaks ahead.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

08/03 – Young Ace #09 – Chapter 10 – 3 color pages (title page + spread). First chapter of tankoubon 2 (on sale).
09/04 – Young Ace #10 – Break.
10/04 – Young Ace #11 – Break.

Drug & Drop will be resumed on Young Ace #12.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

08/03 – Jump SQ #09 – Chapter 18 (on sale).
09/04 – Jump SQ #10 – Break (CLAMP changed that. Chapter 19 was at first scheduled for this issue).
10/04 – Jump SQ #11 – Break.

First break for GATE 7 in a very long time. And a double break, on top of that!

Is CLAMP taking some time off? Nothing new from them before November.


– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

07/04 – Young Ace #08 – Chapter 9 – Last chapter of tankoubon 1. (on sale).
08/03 – Young Ace #09 – Chapter 10 – 3 color pages (title page + spread). First chapter of tankoubon 2.
09/04 – Young Ace #10 – Break.

First time we get a break for Drug & Drop since the beginning of its serialization. Also, I don’t know why the release date for volume 1 hasn’t been announced yet… weird.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

07/04 – Jump SQ #08 – Chapter 17 (on sale).
08/03 – Jump SQ #09 – Chapter 18.
09/03 – Jump SQ #10 – Chapter 19.

GATE 7 remains on track, however =)

• Featuring CLAMP:

The “Ultraman’s Sister” illustration that CLAMP drew (check it out here) for the Fuji TV show “Omoshiro Kotoba GAME OMOJAN”, is on display at the United States Odaiba 2012 event since July 14 until September 2 in Odaiba, Tokyo.

• Code Geass:

A new trailer for Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito has been released. The movie opens on August 4 on selected theaters in Japan.


– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

06/04 – Young Ace #07 – Chapter 8 – 1 color page (on sale).
07/04 – Young Ace #08 – Chapter 9.
08/03 – Young Ace #09 – Chapter 10.

No breaks for Drug & Drop. We should be reaching the end of Volume 1 anytime soon… (about time!).

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

06/04 – Jump SQ #07 – Chapter 16 (on sale).
07/04 – Jump SQ #08 – Chapter 17.
08/03 – Jump SQ #09 – Chapter 18.

And no breaks for GATE 7 as well =)

• Featuring CLAMP:

CLAMP drew an illustration for the TV show “Omoshiro Kotoba GAME OMOJAN”, a word game TV show that airs on Fuji TV.

CLAMP’s illustration is the sister of japanese Tokusatsu hero Ultraman and will be aired on tomorrow’s episode of the show.

Here’s hoping we can have some screencaptures of it =)

Interview with the editor of GATE 7

There is a very interesting interview at Mantan-Web with the editor of GATE 7, Shuhei Hosono.

Here are some of the highlights:

– Shueisha wanted CLAMP to draw a series for JUMP SQ since the magazine started to be serialized, but it was only possible 3 years later.
– During its 3 years of conception, Hana’s visual and the story itself changed significantly compared to the original concept, except the series’ title (that we noticed ourselves).
– He met CLAMP for the first (?) time in France, in Japan Expo. He was impressed with CLAMP’s popularity in Europe. It was then decided he would be the editor in charge of GATE 7 (I’m not 100% sure about this part).
– CLAMP’s manuscripts smell like incense. He said that before being CLAMP’s editor, he was used to receive manuscripts smelling like tabacco.
– What we’ve seen so far in GATE 7 is only the “prologue” of the story, and we should expect some major turn-arounds in the future.

I love the part about CLAMP’s manuscripts smelling like incense! XD


– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

05/02 – Young Ace #06 – Chapter 7 (on sale).
06/04 – Young Ace #07 – Chapter 8 – 1 color page.
07/04 – Young Ace #08 – Chapter 9.

Yay for 1 color page added to Chapter 8! =)

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

05/02 – Jump SQ #06 – Chapter 15 – 1 color page, beginning of tankoubon 4 (on sale).
06/04 – Jump SQ #07 – Chapter 16.
07/04 – Jump SQ #08 – Chapter 17.


A two-part special episode of BLOOD-C will be aired on TV a few days before the movie opens on theaters.

Part 1 will air on May 26 and Part 2 on May 30.

I believe these special episodes might be some sort of prologue to the movie, which opens on June 2.


CLAMP drew the cover illustration for the novel adaptation of BLOOD-C The Last Dark, which will be on sale on the same day as the movie opens, on June 2. The novel is written by Junichi Fujisaku (co-writer of the BLOOD-C franchise).


Lastly, there is a new trailer for the movie, check it out:

GATE 7 #3 sales report

It’s been a week since the release of the third volume of GATE 7, it landed at position 4 in Oricon’s weekly ranking on its first week of sales. This is the highest position achieved by a GATE 7 volume to date.


1st – One Piece #66
2nd – Naruto #60
3rd – Bakuman #18
4th – GATE 7 #3

According to Oricon, GATE 7 #3 sold 131.347 copies in its first week. In contrast, the previous GATE 7 volume sold 98.914 copies. This represents an outstanding 32% growth on first week sales!!

In Tayosha’s ranking, GATE 7 #3 also appeared on the 4th position:

1st – One Piece #66
2nd – Naruto #60
3rd – Bakuman #18
4th – GATE 7 #3

Also, Shueisha revealed that the first two volumes of GATE 7 already sold 900.000 copies to date.

GATE 7 is definitely on the right road to become another CLAMP hit! Congratulations to GATE 7 and CLAMP!

I’ll be back next week with the follow up!

GATE 7 #3 cover

CLAMP-NET.COM has posted the cover of GATE 7 #3:

It will be released on May 2nd.

I think it’s safe to assume that every cover will feature Hana and an animal. I wonder if there are any meanings in the order they appear?

This illustration reminded me of one of the illustrations that CLAMP drew for the Oshiroi Chouchou book.