CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION: X vols. 8 & 9 covers

The covers of volumes 8 and 9 of X for the CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION edition have been announced!

I guessed right! Satsuki and Yuuto =) They actually look great? They haven’t been much affected by the current art style (a bit, yeah but they still look hot). Unlike Sorata and Arashi, they are both wearing clothes that they are wearing often in the manga.

Love the details in the back. Mokona-sensei draws water like no one else *-*

Happy to see a new color illustration of Youth 🙂

For the first time, I don’t have a favorite between the two. I like both equally.

My next guess would be Yuzuriha and Kusanagi.

Here’s the upcoming schedule for CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION of X:

June 2: vols 8 & 9
July 4: vols 10 & 11
August 4: vols 12 & 13
September 4: vols 14 & 15
October 4: vols 16 & 17
November 4: vols 18 & 18.5


6 thoughts on “CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION: X vols. 8 & 9 covers

  1. You made a typo of Yuuto and Arashi’s name in this blog post, you spelled Yuuto as Youth and you spelled Arashi as Akashi, that might be an autocorrect error.


  2. I wonder what are the plans of Viz and Darkhorse for the CLAMP Premium Collection since they hold the Kadokawa works of CLAMP.


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