CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION: Tokyo Babylon #3 & #4 covers

The covers of Tokyo Babylon #3 and #4 for the CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION edition have been announced!

As promised, we have finally Seishirou debuting CPC on the cover of volume 3, along with Subaru, looking like gangsters. Hokuto is back on the cover of volume 4 with Mokona fulfilling her promise that she would draw Subaru in clothes that could be worn by all genders.

As for the hot topic of Seishirou’s shoulders length, you can’t really tell how wide they look due to the furry accessory he’s wearing over them, but Seishirou looks cool af and that’s all that matters.

The cover colors keep following the same pattern as the classic edition.

Volume 7 will probably feature Subaru alone, so is it going to be for volumes 5 and 6? Again Seishirou and Hokuto, respectively? Or are we getting one (or two) cover with the trio?

I loved them!

The third and fourth volumes will be released on July 4, with two volumes coming out every month.

Here’s the upcoming release schedule for Tokyo Babylon in CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION:

July 4th, 2022: volumes 3 & 4
August 4th, 2022: volumes 5 & 6
September 2nd: volume 7

In addition, Character PVs for Subaru, Hokuto and Seishirou have been added to Kadokawa‘s Anime Channel on YouTube as “Shorts: