The covers of XXXHOLiC #17 and #18 for the CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION edition have been announced!

They will be released on April 6. They can be ordered via Amazon Japan (volume 17, volume 18).

My guesses were half-right! We have older Doumeki on the cover of 17 but we don’t have an older Kohane on the cover of volume 18. Instead, we have Yaobikuni, becoming one of the few selected yokai to make it to the covers.

My bet for volume 19 now is Watanuki all by himself, or maybe with older Kohane? xD

Only one volume left for XXXHOLiC now. Volume 19 will come out on May 6th.

XXXHOLiC Rei will not be released immediately after. Instead, the next CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION series will be Tokyo Babylon, to be released by Kadokawa.


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