The covers of XXXHOLiC #11 and #12 for the CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION edition have been announced!

They will be released on January 6. They can be ordered via Amazon Japan (volume 11, volume 12).

I was right about Kohane (finally!), and so happy to see Neko Musume! I thought her timing was over but yay! I do think this is the first time we see Neko Musume colored by CLAMP.

Really nice covers, both of them.

It’s getting harder and harder to predict the next covers, but I’m gonna go with TRC!Sakura and… TRC!Syaoran? Or Clow…?

Here’s the upcoming release schedule for XXXHOLiC:

February 2022: volumes 13 & 14
March 2022: volumes 15 & 16
April 2022: volumes 17 & 18
May 2022: volume 19 & ?

2 thoughts on “CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION: XXXHOLiC #11 & #12 covers

  1. Do you think that this collection will last for a long time and not become out of print? I’ve always wanted to read Holic, however I’m a little bit afraid to buy it, since it’s a lot of volumes and Holic seems to be strongly connected with Tsubasa (which I’m thinking about reading only in the distant future, since that series makes references about a LOT of other CLAMP works lol)

    Anyway, I really enjoy your blog!
    Beijos e abraços ❤


    • Olá! =)

      It’s not a limited series, so you will be able to find it for a while. But eventually it could go out of print, as it happens with some editions.

      But like I said, it’s not a limited edition so it will be around for a least some years.

      Obrigado por ler meu site! =)


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