XXXHOLiC Live Action movie trailer

The first trailer of ホリック xxxHOLiC has been announced:

Moreover, new cast and staff additions have been announced.

The role of Maru is played by DAOKO and the role of Moro by Serena Motola. Keiichiro Shibuya is in charge of the soundtrack. Previously, it was announced that Hokuto Matsumara (from the idol band SixTONES) will be playing Shizuka Doumeki and Tina Tamashiro will be playing Himawari Kunogi.


Direction: Mika Ninagawa
Original work: CLAMP
Script: Erika Yoshida
Music: Keiichiro Shibuya


Yuuko Ichihara: Kou Shibasaki
Kimihiro Watanuki: Kamiki Ryunosuke
Shizuka Doumeki: Hokuto Matsumara
Himawari Kunogi: Tina Tamashiro
Marudashi: DAOKO
Morodashi: Serena Motola

Official website:
Official Twitter: @xxxHOLiC_movie
Official instagram: @holic_movie.official

Source: XXXHOLiC_Movie twitter.

The trailer is very short (expected for a first trailer), but I like what I see. It’s difficult to judge, but it didn’t leave me a bad impression. Quite the opposite, it made me want to see more. I think the atmosphere is on point.

For the music, I was really hoping to have Shinichi Osawa, whom I think it’s a genius of a producer and has produced for many Japanese artists (including my favorite singer, Namie Amuro) and who has worked with Mika Ninagawa in Diner, one of her previous movies. But we have Keiichiro Shibuya instead, to whom I am not familiar with. Apparently he is known for working with electronic music. I can’t judge enough based on that 30 seconds trailer alone, but I hope I will like his work.

I really enjoyed Maru and Moro’s characterization. It’s a departure from the previous live action characterizations, in which they have always been played by children. Mika Ninagawa’s take of Maru and Moro look extremely fashionable.

The cast is made of very popular names. We have names from the fashion and music industries. This is very characteristic of Ninagawa, who often casts for her movies people that she has photographed before. Some of them are making their debut in an acting role (DAOKO and maybe Hokuto?). Can they deliver a performance as good as someone more experienced?

Still hoping for the best for this movie, even though I am still not sure how CLAMP feel about it, given that they haven’t shown a whole lot of enthusiasm towards it on twitter yet.


2 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC Live Action movie trailer

  1. I’m a little bit worry about CGI…it’s a bit fake and old times. 😂
    Yuuko is better than I thought. Doumeki’s quite charming. Watanuki’s okay.
    Himawari should be more innocent? That’s how I love this character in comic, she seems so pure but with a sad destiny. But the actress seems too deep and guarded.


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