XXXHOLiC musical theatre: new main visual, all male cast announced

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

A new main visual and the full cast list for the XXXHOLiC musical theatre adaptation have been announced today.

The newly announced all-male cast is the following:

Doumeki Shizuka: Yuunosuke Matsushima
Himawari Kunogi: Ryoutarou Akazawa
Maru: Juki Suetsugu / Musashi Maeda
Moro: Rento Nishiyama / Masutani Ten
Zashiki Warashi: Keito Sakurai
Karasu Tengu: Yusuke Umezawa / Makoto Endo / Yuya Igarashi
Ame Warashi: Shunya Ohira
Jorougumo (Spider Lady): Shun Mikami

Official pictures from the full cast:

So it really was a conscious decision to have an all-male cast. Even the kids. Regardless of gender, the characterizations look good and the fact that Zashiki Warashi, Ame Warashi and the Spider Lady have been cast gives us an indication of what’s the story is going to be like.


The complete staff list was also announced and it’s available at the Engeki XXXHOLiC official website. Nanase Ohkawa is the only CLAMP member listed on the list, in charge of the play’s planning.


The Tokyo leg of the show will run from September 17-26. The Kyoto leg will run from October 1-3. For details and tickets, please check the official website.

Personally, I thought the play would have a longer run, but hopefully these are only the initial dates.