Tokyo BABYLON TV Anime announced for 2021

A week ago a mysterious countdown began on King Amusement Creative‘s YouTube channel and shared on CLAMP-FANS twitter and instagram accounts, which fans quickly deciphered to be related to Tokyo BABYLON. King Amusement Creative is a music label and anime distributor that is associated to Kodansha.

After much speculation, the countdown reached its end today to announce a brand new TV Anime adaptation for one of CLAMP’s earliest and most beloved works, Tokyo BABYLON.

Tokyo BABYLON 2021 TV Anime key visual

Here is the first PV that premiered after the countdown:

There is already an official website as well as twitter and instagram accounts.

Tokyo BABYLON 2021 seems to be the official title of this adaptation. The story will be updated to be set in modern 2021 Tokyo and according to the official website, a total of 11 episodes are planned.

The animation production will be in charge of GoHands, which are known for working on the Mardock Scramble series.

Nothing else is known at this point regarding the staff and cast, as well as air date. I’m particularly interested in whether CLAMP will be more involved in this project in providing scripts or something else.

I’m very thrilled for the Tokyo BABYLON readers right now, who have waited a really long time for a complete anime adaptation. I don’t know if this is exactly what they expected, but I hope this project will treat the original work with all the respect it deserves.

I am very fond of Tokyo BABYLON‘s aesthetics, which I think it’s one of its strongest qualities and what makes Tokyo BABYLON so special. I am a little concerned to know that this adaptation will not follow those aesthetics in favor of a contemporary, 2021 anime aesthetics (which I am personally not very fond of).

As usual, I’m hoping for the best and that this adaptation will bring a new generation of readers to this fabulous work by CLAMP!

Stay tuned for more news as they come!


18 thoughts on “Tokyo BABYLON TV Anime announced for 2021

  1. I must admit that the art concerns me. I loved the manga and somehow this feels like new character design with some similarities to CCS art. But I do hope that this new animated version will bring new airs to CLAMP works and that they’ll deliver a proper story, hopefully aiming to a not-so-far X return from the eternal hiatus.


      • I think it’s almost certain that the intention is an X revival. Now whether it actually comes to fruition is the next question. A lot of different things could happen that would cause it to fall through before it has a chance to start but gonna try and be positive 🙂

        (But also cautiously optimistic. I was over the moon that Legal Drug was coming back and it went away again after only 2 volumes xD That was heartbreaking)

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  2. Tokyo Babylon is one of my most favorite series of CLAMP and CLAMP is/are my favorite mangaka, so you can guess how much i treasure it. So when i first heard the news i was beyond happy. But after watching the trailer i am utterly disappointed. What is wrong with those designs. CLAMP’s art is gorgeous how could they change it with such trashy designs. The audacity! The news was the best i got this whole year but after the trailer i’m seriously devastated. Well, i’m still going to watch it. But until then let me cry in a corner… Let’s hope for the best… T_T


    • Personally I don’t like the character design and general animation style either =/ I think the use of CGI and filters is excessive…


  3. Gah, I bought the first Tokyo Babylon omnibus long ago, but I can’t find the second (and last) one because it seems to be out-of-print.

    11 episodes, I know the manga isn’t that long, but I’m skeptical on whether that’s enough to cover everything and do it justice. It’s way too early to anticipate a second season.

    Watching the video, I was kinda hesitant about the character designs, but I felt similarly about the Clear Card anime, and I got used to it. Seems like CLAMP anime seems to be getting rounder vs their old designs being so pointy and angular with the face and eyes.


    • I think 11 episodes should be enough for a 7-volumes series. Probably not all stories will get adapted and we know it’s going to be completely updated for 2021.


  4. If you told me a month ago we were getting a new adaptation of Tokyo Bablyon before the second season of Clear Card Arc, I would have thought you were trying to sell me Rainbow Bridge. ; )

    Considering that CLAMP’s output has been slowing down, TB 2021 could be the first step toward reviving interest in X and getting the true ending out (either in Asuka or a new TV show) before they finally retire. I’m not emotionally invested in TB or X, and I do hate Tokyo, so I’ll probably be skipping this, but fingers crossed it works out well for the fans.

    If we end up getting a full TB/X revival, I wonder what that will mean for the chances of HOLiC resuming and TWC getting another arc? Gate 7 and Drug&Drop are probably done for, Hana and Kazahaya didn’t even appear in the chibi character lineup.

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    • If you told me a month ago we were getting a new adaptation of Tokyo Bablyon before the second season of Clear Card Arc, I would have thought you were trying to sell me Rainbow Bridge. ; )


      I think the reason for Hana and D&D cast not showing up were likely because they are not Kodansha titles. Yes, there were several other non-Kodansha titles, but CLAMP had to pick so they likely went for the most popular? I don’t know…

      I HOPE there is still a long way before they retire. Unlike singers and other artists, manga artists usually draw until they can’t anymore. But this is CLAMP, it’s 4 people we are talking about, not just one. One of them might think or feel differently about this.

      I do think they will very likely finish everything before they do eventually retire. That includes XXXHOLiC, TWC, D&D and possibly GATE 7. I don’t think they will leave things unfinished.


  5. I’m keeping my fingers crossed….
    TBH, the first scene showed the name of GoHands made me awkward a lot…. I’ve watched GoHands anime and did not apprecite much…. They always apply its style to every work (like character design, overlay, and more) So i pray for Clamp to participate more in this project 😦 at least please control them not to overdo it….

    and what curious me the most is that, which publisher holds TB now? because i haven’t seen any brands of publisher on copyright in TB site…

    However, as a X fans, even TB2021 seems to be seperated from X now, i am happy to see Clamp finally turn back to do some retros like others. And we expect CCS to end around next year, i hope they planned for TB to remake in order to continue X in the near future… (just my strong hope and imagination XD), as it is gonna get 30th anniversary too….

    Ps. Finally, we get something that is not CCS XD


    • “and what curious me the most is that, which publisher holds TB now? because i haven’t seen any brands of publisher on copyright in TB site…”

      The last re-release of Tokyo Babylon was published by Kadokawa in 2012 who also own X. But since King Records is a division of Kodansha, it might be to promote a new Tsubasa World Chronicle series focusing on Seishirou and Subaru. But I would personally prefer to have the end of X. We waited long enough, we deserve it. XD


      • Actually, i don’t like Kodansha XD, and that I would be disappointed if there are Twin vampire arcs without focusing on Kamui and Fuuma too XD….

        well, what makes me curious is that if it’s in Kodansha now, why chibi characters is still not branded by Kodansha? (i’ve noticed that all Kadokawa characters are not branded Kadokawa too including Tokyo Babylon…) Also in promotional website and key visual , there are brands of Clamp and Gohands, but no any publishers, is it possible that they work with Clamp directly?

        ….Well, i just want X and TB to be together O]—[

        I pray for X ending too, 2022 is its 30th anniversary and Clamp 33th anniversary, can we wait for anythings? *finger-crossed*…


      • I am guessing that CLAMP acquired back the rights to both Tokyo Babylon and RG Veda, which allowed Kadokawa to re-release them in 2012. Until recently, I thought Kadokawa was the new copyright holder for these two works, but I think CLAMP are the solo owners now.

        Although Kadokawa re-released them in 2012, they probably must have done a one-off agreement to release that version. I am not so sure anymore that they acquire all the rights, given that in the Tokyo Babylon anime official site, there no mention of neither Shinsokan or Kadokawa. Instead, the copyright is listed as © CLAMP・ST/TOKYO BABYLON 2021 PROJECT, which makes me think neither Kadokawa or Shinsokan are part of this.


  6. Thank you Chibi for relaying the good news!

    Tokyo Babylon is such a great series and looking at the official website, they do appreciate the old design from the 1990’s (my retina are burned just like they used to be when browsing the web back then). When I heard the title, I thought they would remake the series in 2021 with an older Subaru that survived X doing its job both as a Sumeragi exorcist and a Sakurazukamori assassin, trying to solve its clients issues like he used to. Realizing that even after 25 years, Tokyo is still as decadent . Not unlike Tokyo Babylon 1999 that was set after the end of the original series. But no, looking at the trailer, it’s the original story. XD

    So far, we only seen the cast wearing timeless clothes, Subaru wearing its formal exorcist uniform, Seishirou in suits and trench coat and even Hokuto with a grungy outfit pairing a classic leather coat with a long skirt. It really reduce the 90’s vibe to focus more on the timeless element of the story. I mean most of the social issues are still relevant (child predators, bullying, finding organs to transplant, environment, rape, debt issues, brainwashing sects and falling in love with the wrong person). Having Hokuto as a 90’s fan wearing grunge and listening to 90’s music (hopefully) could be a good way to refer to the original character preferences but still keep the story in 2021.

    I’ll be watching that series for sure! ^_^b


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