Card Captor Sakura Clear Card TV Anime DVD & Blu-Ray release schedule



The DVD & Blu-Ray release schedule for the Card Captor Sakura Clear Card TV Anime has been announced.

It will be a total of 8 DVDs and Blu-rays, compiling all 22 episodes.

  • Vol. 1: May 9th (Episodes 1~3)
  • Vol. 2: May 30th (Episodes 4~6)
  • Vol. 3: June 27th (Episodes 7~9)
  • Vol. 4: July 25th (Episodes 10~12)
  • Vol. 5: August 29th (Episodes 13~15)
  • Vol. 6: September 26th (Episodes 16~18)
  • Vol. 7: October 31st (Episodes 19~21)
  • Vol. 8: November 28th (Episode 22)

Some of the extras include:

  • Episode with audio commentary;
  • CMs+PVs;
  • Non-credit OP and ED;
  • A clear photo film that allows you to take pictures with the characters of the series (putting all 8 together allows you to take a group photo with them);
  • A photobook by Tomoyo with all of Sakura’s important scenes;
  • more.

There will be a massive campaign with several stores accross Japan, each will offer an exclusive privilege if one purchases the DVDs or Blu-rays with them.

For more information and a complete list of purchasing privileges for each store, please check the Card Captor Sakura Official Website.

Unlike the original series, in which CLAMP drew new illustrations for each volume, for Clear Card the jackets illustrations for each volume will be drawn by the anime character designer Kunihiko Hamada. Hopefully CLAMP will draw a special box to hold all volumes but that is yet to be confirmed.

I was very disappointed to hear that CLAMP won’t be providing the art for the covers since some of the very best Card Captor Sakura illustrations were originally made for the 90s TV anime media releases — LDs, DVDs and VHS. I am crossing my fingers that they will at least do a box illustration.

Below is a PV for the DVD & Blu-ray releases:


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