Card Captor Sakura Copic Set ~ CLAMP Selection

In celebration of its 30th Anniversary, Copic marker is collaborating with CLAMP in releasing a special Card Captor Sakura set.

The set includes 24 Copic markers selected by CLAMP based on the colors they frequently use to draw Card Captor Sakura.

The set also includes:

  • outlines for coloring (1 sheet);
  • a postcard;
  • coloring instructions from CLAMP (1 sheet).

The set will be on sale on December 28 costing 9,800 yens.


CLAMP use Copic markers to color the illustrations of various works in their catalog and it’s widely popular among manga artists since its creation 30 years ago.

This is an interesting collaboration and long-time overdue, I’d say! And what a gorgeous illustration they have done for the occasion.


13 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura Copic Set ~ CLAMP Selection

  1. This new collaboration is extremely unexpected, I was very surprise to see this news and the lovely new artwork ^^

    This COPIC set is amazing! But OMG the price T__T Especially considering that we international fans have to go through proxy’s fees, customs and shipping cost too…I really want it but it’s almost certain I won’t be able to afford it…

    That aside, this is truly amazing: with this special selection, CLAMP have pretty much revealed which COPIC markers they use to color Sakura, Syaoran and Tomoyo, just this information alone is pure gold! 😀


    • I took a look at how much it would cost to get these pens individually through an art supplier here in the U.S., and you know, I think you would still save a bit of money by getting this set (or break even when you add in the shipping/proxy fees)! Considering that you get a mini-tutorial from CLAMP, too, this is actually a good deal.

      I mean, I still can’t afford it, but it’s a good deal so far as COPIC markers are concerned, ahaha.


      • Oh, so you’ve done the work of looking it up how much it would cost to buy them individually?

        I know Copic markers are expensive by default. It would be fair to have a little discount of this set, make it more attractive other than the nice CLAMP extras, of course.

        but it’s a good deal so far as COPIC markers are concerned, ahaha.


        • To give some more specific numbers — (cue advertisement voice-over) — Blick (a major art supplier in my area) offers discounted prices at $5.25 per pen, $63 per each set of 12, and $126 per each set of 24.

          What I really appreciate about this CCS collab is that it’s curated by CLAMP themselves, so you know you’re getting a useful selection of colors to start your collection (assuming that this set is intended for beginning artists).

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      • Factoring the original price of 9800jpy+tax + proxy fees + customs + shipping cost, I can’t see how the final cost will be any less than 15000jpy at best, and that is considering that I will actually find it available somewhere somehow at its original sale price and not maxed in auctions… (I don’t know where these are going to be sold online)

        But as told chibiyuuto bellow, knowing myself I will still look them up when the time comes one way or another, but chances are still slim, this is truly a terrible time of the year to release so many things, it’s a nightmare ^^;;

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    • It is actually not at all surprising to me. I don’t know why they haven’t done something like this before. CLAMP are avid Copic marker users so this collaboration makes sense =)

      As for the price, it’s indeed very expensive, but I don’t think that’s CLAMP’s fault. Copic markers are expensive by default, but I don’t know how much you’d pay if you were to buy these 24 colors individually. But the price seems reasonable, considering it’s Copic.


      • Yes, I am already familiar with COPIC markers high cost, and even own a few myself 😉
        What I was thinking about is that with 9800jpy+tax+proxy fees+customs+shipping fees, I just can’t see how the final total could be any less than 15000jpy. Adding it all up like this, the total *is* high, but as you said, it’s expected from COPIC.
        And another ‘issue’ is that I don’t know where these are going to be sold online, but if it ends being an auction websites, the cost will get even higher…
        It’s still something I really wish to own though, so in spite of all my ‘complaining’, I know myself best and I will most definitely look it up and consider my options when it’s released 😉


  2. I’ve been following you for a while, thank you for all the Clamp related news 🙂
    Kinda off topic, Is there a reading order regarding Tsubasa World Chronicle and Holic Rei? I recentry started Rei and was wondering when should I start reading Tsubasa WC, years ago when I read TRC and Holic I found a handy guide online that signaled the reading order of the volumes so you wouldn’t get lost. Thanks!

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    • Hi there, nice to meet you!

      Thanks for following me all this time =)

      Regarding your question, yes, there is a reading order. You should first read XXXHOLiC Rei volumes 1~3, then read TWC volumes 1~3, then the remaining of XXXHOLiC Rei.

      Feel welcome to leave comments anytime 😉

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