Clear Card arc TV Anime: Yuna D. Kaito and Shinomoto Akiho character designs, voice actors annouced



NHK’s hotsite for Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~ announced yesterday the first character designs of Yuna D. Kaito, Akiho Shinomoto and Momo for the upcoming TV Anime adaptation.

In addition, the voice actors who will play Akiho and Kaito have been announced!

Momo’s voice actor hasn’t been announced yet.

Minori Suzuki seems to be a somewhat newcomer, but Natsuki Hanae has a long list of works, some of them very big! Either way, I’ve listened to a few samples of their voices and I think they both fit perfectly!

In her official twitter account, Minori Suzuki wrote that working on an anime by CLAMP was a dream of hers. Surely she will work with all her heart, then!

Source: Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~ NHK Anime World hotsite.