Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~ vol. 3 cover

The cover of Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~ vol. 3 has been announced:

The one on the right is from the OAD limited edition — probably the box art, the actual book must have the same cover as the regular edition.

Best cover yet or best cover yet? If this is the cover of volume 3, I can’t imagine how beautiful the cover of the last volume (when the time comes) is going to look like. This screams “final cover” to me for some reason! I guess it’s the crown in her head.

Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~ vol. 3 will be released on September 13. You can preorder it on and CD Japan.

Source: CLAMP Twitter.


13 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~ vol. 3 cover

  1. For the Special Edition, this is definitely a picture of the carton package we are seeing here ^^

    We are so close to the release date, and we still don’t know if the DVD will come in a sleeve with a new CLAMP artwork or not: if I’m mistaken they drew new illustrations for all the DVD of TRC and xxxHolic included with special editions of their mangas, I hope they will do the same for CCS!
    Only 2 weeks before we know the answer! 😀


    • Don’t you think we’ll know it by now? I hope there will be a new illustration but something tells me that Kodansha is just going to pull the easiest and cheapest solution…


      • I thought so too at first, but then, the price would really not be justified at all: I know the OAD/DVD itself is expensive (as all DVD/BR are in Japan…) but even like that, 3758 jpy is too expensive…

        I compared it with all the Special Editions with DVD we got with TRC back in the days, and vol 21, 22 and 23 all came with OAD DVD, but only vol 21 came with a case, and said case could contain all 3 DVDs. Still, all three cost ~2900 jpy.
        Then we got the Special Editions of vol 27 & 28, again with OAD DVD in them both, these were more expensive: 3796 jpy, which is extremely close to this CCS CC v03 DVD Special Edition: and yes, the DVDs did not have separate cases, but still! The entire package was well done: really rigid and smooth carton paper and a design in the form of a book that slide inside a sleeve, and when you opened up the ‘book’, on one side you had the manga and on the other the DVD…

        But this time around, all I see is a cheap paper package with just the cover of the manga printed on it…
        Honestly, if they don’t surprise me but trying harder on this special edition, meaning with at least including a case for the DVD: while I will still be happy to own it of course, I would sill feel ripped off price wise…


        • Oh, I see. I don’t remember the prices for the Tsubasa OADs because I didn’t buy any. But if I remember well, they were announced right at the beginning or sometime along the way. It is pricy so let’s hope for either a surprise new illustration or a very fancy packeging.


          • At this price, let’s hope they indeed have some surprise in store for us! I’m not despairing just yet 😀

            Now that I think about it, you did not preorder this one did you? You are going to purchase it directly in a store since you are going to Japan soon? Saving in shipping cost and customs fees is so great!!!! But careful with the availability since this is a Special Edition after all ^__^


            • I actually did pre-order it. I’m sure there will be TONS available at bookstores but WHAT IF? Plus, amazon had free shipping so why not just be safe than sorry, right? =)


  2. You know, this outfit is kind of a weird choice for Vol. 3. It looks more like something you’d see on the cover of the last volume, doesn’t it?


    • Oh, lord, I didn’t realize you had said the same thing in your post! :’D I wonder if CLAMP is going to go ridiculously over-the-top for the final volume, or if they’ll actually take us for a loop and give Sakura something simple and elegant.


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