HiGH&LOW g-sword serialization to end on August 9

© HI-AX/LDH ASIA © CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

© HI-AX/LDH ASIA © CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

The August 9th issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine is announcing that the serialization of HiGH&LOW g-sword has come to an end. Chapter 14, to be published on that issue, on sale August 9th, is going to be the final chapter.

The chapters that have been published will be compiled into a tankoubon to be released on October 17. A limited first edition with a DVD containing the flash anime episodes from the first and second arcs.

The message also implies that the serialization could resume at “some day”, but we should consider it done for the time being.

This wasn’t a very popular CLAMP series across the fans in general so let’s just hope this will allow CLAMP more time to work on their other series. Personally I am very happy that this wasn’t a very long series.

Source: Weekly Shonen Magazine 36-37, Manga Mag Japon.


22 thoughts on “HiGH&LOW g-sword serialization to end on August 9

  1. I think there’s a mix-up with the dates – the text at the end of chapter 14 (published in the August 9 issue) says “With this issue the temporary publication ends”, so basically chapter 14 is the last and there won’t be a chapter in the August 23 issue.


  2. Omg, there even think about resuming. Sigh, can’t they resume what should be resume and end forever what needs to be ended. Now they going back to torturing Holic.


  3. Oh, I’m not surprise at all ^^. As this is just a mini series add to High&Low project, which explain why with all those chibi and light mood, just want to show to the fans of the series what those 5 main gangs doing in their spare time after the big fight in Movie 1, but as recent chapters, they got into some serious issue which means for the hook to introduce The movie 2 & 3 will be aired soon. So, maybe the manga will be back after the 2 movies will be aired and lasting for few chapters which enough to include in one tankoubon, explain what all the gangs will do after the fight in Movie 2 and 3 as they did with Movie 1 ^^


    • That sums up pretty nicely.

      This was definitely being done during CLAMP’s lunchbreak.

      Thanks for the quick summary of what was going on (cause I had no idea xD)


      • Ah, for non-fan of the series, it’s actually quite difficult to catch up 🙂 As first, when I heard of this manga, I thought it would be a good filling in things the film left out, such as some characters’ background or past,… but after 2 chapters I know the purpose for this manga is just want the fans have something to follow while waiting the last 2 movies on production. CLAMP surely has fun doing it, many of the things in the manga based on actual fact of the actors in real life ^^, yes they definitely done it in their lunch time ^^

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          • Yes… The main fight in the movie 2 & 3 is with Kyuryu Group, so this means for the last battle ^^. With 2 seasons of drama, 3 movies (include one still not aired yet) and one spin-off movie for Amamiya brothers, yes the plot is at its end. We still not sure the series will have any spin-off after the last 2 movies yet, but with the schedule of the main cast is really busy now, not any hope for the new film. But as the series already got manga, anime adaptation, theme park…. we fans still hope for more goods based on both movie and manga will release in future ^^


  4. So it ended up being a one volume project in the end ^^
    It’s really popular in Japan though it seems, GSC even announced the future release of a nendoroid of Cobra with Clamp’s chibi design. But as far as the manga goes though, we got to an end for now~

    Like most people, I don’t regret it since I didn’t read it to begin with, we really need an english translation ^^;
    That’s around 30 pages less of manga CLAMP has to draw monthly, let’s see if they add a few pages for CCS CC in exchange! XD

    I don’t see them taking up any other of their series for now though: the 2018 sequel of CCS is starting soon and Ohkawa is involved in both the script writing and the series composition, plus I assume Mokona can’t have nothing to do with the character designs either (even though nothing official was announced about it).
    This is a BIG project, that new Madhouse CCS anime, there was some major work and planning put into it and they will try hard to make it a huge success like the first series: I don’t think they will get themselves into anything for a few months at least.


    • You can read my comment above for the purpose of this series ^^. Maybe after Cobra, they will make another characters into nendoroid in the future ^^.
      If you ask for H&L english translation, on facebook has a page for it, named High & Low g-sword – Scanlations ^^


    • I didn’t think it would run for very long, but I didn’t think it would be just one volume, either — and there is barely enough pages for a 180-pages volume (what’s with CLAMP releasing 160-pages volumes lately?).

      It felt a little random indeed with the GSC figure announced, the Good Box, even the official website was launched just a while ago, so… kinda weird indeed.

      You know my thoughts on which series might get picked up on my CLAMP TALK cloudcast xD


      • just listened to your latest CLAMP TALK cloudcast. it was great! and the conversation topics really flowed. its awesome that you did that, thanks so much for doing it cause i actually learnt a LOT!! xD i had no idea about all the magazine swaps etc. i dont really pay attention to all that stuff.
        im hoping for either Holic or drug and drop to be picked up now high&low has finsihed (for now?). im hoping more so for drug&drop. the plot really developed fast in the more recent volumes so it feels like it could be finished with one or two more arcs. as for “forever” holic the latest plot compliments ccs clear card nicely. with the mystery girl and no aura theme.

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