Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~ #2 third week sales report

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

The second volume of Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~ dropped to the 13th position in Oricon’s weekly ranking, with an estimate of 56,868 copies sold in its third week of sales and an accumulated overall sales of 287,409 copies approximately to date.

The above numbers are for the regular edition, only. The Special Edition (badges + postcard) did not appear in the top 50.

Source: ANN.

In comparison, the overall sales of volume 2 continue to be slightly less than the overall sales of volume 2 (312,327) by its third week of release. There is a difference of nearly 25,000 copies more for volume 1, which isn’t much. But volume 2 had a much better third week performance than volume 1 (56,868 for  vol 2 vs 32,794 copies for volume 1). Considering that the numbers of the limited edition are unknown, both volumes are practically tied in terms of sales.

The chart below shows the progress in the sales of Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~ over the weeks and compares it with previous volumes’ performances (click on it for dynamic version):

PS: The above chart only shows the sales performance for the first 7 weeks of sales of volume 1. The total sales for volume 1 have surpassed 1 million.


7 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~ #2 third week sales report

  1. Thanks for the update once more ^^

    As expected, the sales are going well~

    It’s still months from now, but I’m really curious to know how well the volume 3 will fare with the OAD included in it 🙂


  2. i don’t think the total sales for volume 1 have surpassed 1 million yet. According to ANN, 1m is actually the number of copies in print, not the actual sales.

    if you do a little calculating you can see. Vol1 left the oricon chart afer the 7th week with the total sales of 420k copies. There are 13 weeks from week 8 till now. Even If it had sold 30k per week, it would only have sold 13×30=390k more, making the total sales only about 810k. But as you know because it disappeared from the ranking after 7 weeks, the sales per week from week 8 must be under 15k, so no way it already reached the 1m mark. I think it eventually will when the new anime is out though, just not yet.


    • Oricon doesn’t keep track of all bookstores, only several of them. So we can’t take Oricon’s numbers as a solid truth, it’s ony an estimate.

      Kodansha, on the other hand, being the publisher, they can keep track of things in a more precise fashion.


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