Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~ OAD trailer

Here is a trailer for the upcoming Original Animation DVD for Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~, Sakura and the two teddy bears:‪‪

This trailer was originally screened at the Sakura Festival 2017 event and it’s being promoted as the prologue for the TV Anime series that will begin in September.

I loved it! The animation is on point and the character design is closer than ever to CLAMP’s original art. It’s very emotional to see significant spots of Tomoeda like the bridge and the school tower!

Madhouse did not let me down once again!

What do you guys think and why did you love it? =D


26 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~ OAD trailer

  1. Woeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    This is a strange felling to see Sakura on anime again !!! I just can’t wait until september :’)
    This is so great to see everyone again !!
    Zetai, daijobu da yo !

    Guess they decided to anime the last chapters of the manga after all ^^

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    I’m really really really freaking out right now lol. Maaaannn this is ACTUALLY HAPPENING!!! AHHHHHH @_@
    I love absolutely EVERYTHING about it. And now I understand why they’ve decided on an OAD, there’s obviously a need for a prologue since we all know how the anime and manga end differently. This is a way to link CCS’s final episodes with an “alternate” anime ending, so as to link it to the new anime series. This also possibly solves the “problem” of not having to create another setting to include the second movie, the card, and everything else. And I’m SO ANXIOUS to see the manga’s ending animated!! The art looks amazing, the animation was wonderfully taken care of too! They didn’t have to ‘adapt’ the art to nowadays anime’s style, it all looks very old-school and nostalgic, very much like the old anime and indeed a lot closer to CLAMP’s original art. That shot with Touya, for example! It’s a lot more like what we saw in the manga, but different even from the first anime and all movies. Different in a good way ofc.

    That last scene was BREATHTAKING with all the sakura petals falling down so hard you can’t even see a few meters away. And so she runs and they rise and then… and then SHE SAYS THE WORDS. I’m dead. I’m completely dead. I’m 120% dead. 2358% dead even. And I’m getting deader by the second!!! I wonder how much deader I’ll be when the actual anime series comes out………..

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    • Hahahaha I’m loving your enthusiasm, Mima!

      Yes, I agree with you 100%!

      That last scene was BREATHTAKING with all the sakura petals falling down so hard you can’t even see a few meters away.
      LOL YES!

      And I’m looking forward to see how much deader you can possibly be! (same for me)


  3. Wow! we will even have a new song by Tomoyo, I didn’t even hoped close to that much. They are in fire.

    The music is different that what we were used to but still in the same fashion.

    The “cards” read like this:
    This is a story linking to the Clear Cards part.
    World awaited! Card Captor Sakura new animation work!
    “I can’t keep it out of my mind, this on thought…”
    Card Captor Sakura Clear Card part prologue: Sakura And The Two Bears
    If I think I want to meet you, I meet you again.

    So characters in the story should be in the OAD:
    Plus maybe more

    Everyone will have a few lines it seems. Looking at the 12th volume, clothing and general scene, it seems they could do all 4 last chapters, no less. I’m a bit skeptical as how they will make it fit this with the current anime cannon. Would Ohkawa steep so low as to do retcon? Or maybe it is the second departure, after the second movie and Sakura’s official love statement, like I said on the other thread?

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    • “I can’t keep it out of my mind, this on thought…”

      you should have read – this “one” thought – sorry for the silly mistake


    • I like the song, too! It’s like an upgraded version of the OST, which I think is that they will do. I really hope so, because I love the soundtrack and I am/was worried that they might do a whole new one.


      • It’s the second time I try to publish a post with the summary from the official site, but when I push the “post comment” button, there is no post… o.O

        Let’s try again without the Japanese text, although here’s the link to it:

        So the summery said the action of the OAD happen after Light and Dark are turned into Sakura cards. Xiaolang confessed is love but Sakura is still confused with her feeling. First Eriol leave for England, then Xiaolang is about to leave for Hong Kong but Sakura want to do something for him.

        So it seems they throw the second movie under the bus. Or maybe this OAD is unrelated to any of the anime series. A bit like the Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations were the protagonists come in with their library world clothes, as if they were just out of it, even though they moved into a filler world already wearing these in the anime series.

        This OAD could just be a goodies from the manga readers, where they get to see this scene animated at last, while it won’t have anything to do with neither anime series.

        A bit like the CD book which is independent of either the manga or the anime.


        • I don’t see how movie 2 is thrown under the bus. I think it’s perfectly possible to have movie 2 happening somewhat between the beginning and the ending of this OAD. Like right in the middle, before Sakura and Syaoran meet again.


            • Hummm no, not really, she doesn’t confess in Clear Card arc. She only says “We’ll be together forever now”.

              And we don’t know if they will animate on the OAD the scene where she confesses in the manga. They might leave that for movie 2.


              • I meant, she confessed at the end of the second movie (anime) and she would confessed again when she will give the bear as the bus left (OAD). Talking of which, they last met at the airport (TV anime), now they will last met at the bus stop (OAD). It’s either retcon or time paradox. XD

                So redoing the manga’s end sound more like a independent project. Unless Ohkawa manage to somehow twist her way into making this coherent. But I’ll doubt she’ll bother to do this kind of work when she’s working an the entire TV series.

                Plus the only way to see this OAD is to order the special edition of the manga. Which will only be possible for one set period of time. It’s not even probable a quarter of the future TV series will have seen it by episode 1. If this was the stepping stone for the new series, she wouldn’t make it available only to a few, through an order only manga supplement.

                I really think it’s a rehashing project.


  4. I love how you cut straight to the chase and asked, “Why did you love it?” XD

    I wasn’t getting too excited about a teddy bear OAD, since SxS isn’t really my thing, but I’m absolutely thrilled that we’re going to see the last chapters of the comic animated! (Even I choked up at the bus scene when I read it for the first time.) The animation is gorgeous, too — you can really see the resemblance to Chihayafuru here, which I think is great. I think I’m going to end up preordering the special edition, ahaha.


    • I love how you cut straight to the chase and asked, “Why did you love it?”
      I know, right? Has anyone not loved it? Kill them xD

      It’s nice to have that special scene with the hug in a decent, Madhouse realness animation quality.


  5. Holy sh*t I didn’t realize I didn’t leave a comment here YET!
    AAAAAAARGH It’s almost been 24 hours from the unveiling of the PV, I have slept, but the excitement is still here!!
    Yesterday was a collection of incoherent​ thoughts, today we can probably be more objective…
    This OAD sucks.
    ….it sucks because it isn’t released SOONER!! like, tomorrow!! XD
    Jokes aside, I am so happy that Madhouse is in charge of the whole Clear Card project…I don’t know if we can expect this quality for the whole series animation, but I’m quite confident seeing Chihayafuru’s screenshots…the art was really beautiful. I take Chihayafuru ad reference because both director Asaka and chara-des Hamada have worked on it.
    Now, I really don’t know if we can expect more trailers for this OAD, maybe we can hope for a trailer of the tv anime, probably right in September!
    I must say that Sakura looks really beautiful here in this PV, she looks older than in the 90’s series, probably as “preparation” for the look she will have in the Clear Card tv series! Syaoran is gorgeous, as Tomoyo and Eriol are! The only one I am a bit unsure about, is Kaho! IMHO the cut they’ve​ chosen to show her doesn’t make her justice, she should be a beautiful woman but she looks a little weird…well this could also be me not yet used to the “younger looking adults” of the recent CCS!
    That’s really the only flaw I have seen, I just can’t find other ones, the backgrounds are exactly the same but with an upgraded touch, and that last scene…oh that scene…it gets me all the time! With Tomoyo’s lovely voice in the background, it’s just so emotional!!


    • Look at you all excited ❤ I love seeing you excited =D

      I didn't know about Chihayafuru, Pan also talked about it. Madhouse means CONSISTENCY so I am positive that they will do a marvelous job — not to mention the high pressure they must be facing. This OAD may be a tad better than the TV series but I don't think it will be too much of a difference.

      Remember how Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONS had a premiere event? We might have something like that too for this OAD…

      I agree with you 100% about Kaho. Her shot made me cringe but that's about it. I want to say that first close-up to Syaoran's face doesn't look perfect either but that might be way too much nitpicking =P Even CLAMP sometimes draw their own characters weirdly, so xD


      • Remember how Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONS had a premiere event? We might have something like that too for this OAD…
        OMG I forgot about that!! Oh yes please let us have a premiere!! This OAD won’t come out soon enough….

        Even CLAMP sometimes draw their own characters weirdly, so xD
        RIGHT, Mokona is beginning to nail the characters just now, I know it must not be easy to pass from TWC/Holic’s style to the CCS’ one…

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  6. I heard that OAD is more of an adaptation of the last chapters in the manga.

    If that’s the case, I still hope that the Clear Card Anime can incorporate some important details from before the anime (& movie) series and the manga series.

    I admit that I really to see Meiling in the Clear Card Anime.


  7. I think it will never be said enough, but what a surprisingly gorgeous PV!

    First thing first, while some fans might have had some expectations to see a trailer during the Sakura FES 2017, this was all it was: hopes, expectations.
    But to actually have it happen for real, and to be shown such a beautiful production, it’s just pure happiness 🙂

    I don’t thing many people are too surprised by the content: with the title “Sakura and the 2 Teddy Bears” announced, it was quite easy to have a good idea of what it would be about hahaha XD

    I really can’t think of anything bad to say about the animation itself, it’s a Dream Come True, as simple as that: a perfected more recent and more mature version of the 90’s CCS series, and it was done wonderfully.
    I also don’t think we need to worry about the OST from the song I heard in this PV ^^

    About the voices, I might not be too sure how to feel about Sakura herself? Sakura Tange, at 44 years old, is acting the role of a 12 years old: she was only 24 when she did it the first time!
    That said, I am aware myself that I only feel that way because I saw the live streaming right before it; as in, I saw the actual ‘human seiyuu’ voicing her minutes before the PV, it’s probable I wouldn’t have felt strongly about it if I had only seen the trailer on its own?
    I usually voluntarily avoid seeing the seiyuus in purpose, because knowing too much about them influence my views when hearing the characters they are dubbing ^^;
    But this is really just me + this is me nitpicking because there is pretty much nothing to fault in this wonderful anime adaptation that is coming our way real soon!! 😀

    All in all, after a 20 years wait for a sequel nobody believe would ever happen, we were rewarded for your loyalty for this series and our patience with a manga and soon, its anime adaptation, which is a sight for sore eyes!
    I can only think about celebrating this grand moment!! 😀

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