Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~ vol. 3 to come with OAD

The May issue of Nakayoshi magazine will announce that the 3rd volume of Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~ will come out on September 13 and along with the regular edition, a limited edition will be released as well.

The limited edition will come with an exclusive original animation DVD (OAD) featuring an original story entitled Sakura and the two teddy bears. The OAD limited edition will cost 3480 yens.

The OAD staff will be the same as the upcoming TV Anime adaptation of Clear Card arc — CLAMP’s Nanase Ohkawa will write the script for it, Asaka Morio will be directing it and Madhouse will be animating it — a new staff name has been announced: Kunihiko Hamada will be in charge of the character design, who has previously worked as animation director for the TV Anime adaptations of Chobits, X and Card Captor Sakura, as well as the two movies.

Thanks to that announcement, we might consider it as the key visuals for the upcoming TV Anime of Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~, as it’s extremely likely that Kunihiko Hamada will be in charge for the character design of the TV series as well.

As several people have pointed out, in the original Card Captor Sakura TV Anime there were only 1 teddy bear (the one Syaoran made to Sakura) while in the manga there were two. This OAD will probably cover that part of the story in which Sakura will make her teddy bear for Syaoran, so that the TV series can be more faithful to the Clear Card arc manga once it begins.

Now, regarding the key visuals for the anime, I think the illustration itself is too glossy, too polished, but I know that anime illustrations tend to be overly produced (which is something personally I never liked). It also looks like her head is a little too big for the rest of her body… at least it looks a lot better than the more recent Card Captor Sakura anime illustrations released previous to this.

This is gonna be fun!