XXXHOLiC Rei – Chapter 54 (Updated)

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

Japanese RAWs.
English translations.

(Special thanks to Syaoran-sama from clampPROJECT for providing the raws faster than anyone else on Christmas holiday!)

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The title page is so beautiful with the mermaid!

32 pages so far for volume 5. Next chapter will be out on February 6.

I don’t have much time to write a proper review right now. I might do it later (or not) once the english translations are out.

I hope you are all having great holidays!


17 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC Rei – Chapter 54 (Updated)

  1. The title page with the mermaid is absolutely beautiful! Her eyes and hair are so hypnotic. Also, I love how they are showing Kurogane’s weapon. (I have no idea what’s going though. Mokona beating up the sword to get the bottle? Gonna have to wait for the English translation to find out.) I mean, we’ve seen what happened to Fai’s staff in an earlier time. I’m glad that Kurogane’s price was not forgotten!


      • Okay, I know that it’s been months already and I’m really really sorry! (This is so embarrassing… I have only seen this now). I was debating whether I should answer or not given given the length of time that passed, but I’ve decided to answer anyway… Yeah, Fai’s staff is with Yuuko’s, but in the end of volume 3, we see that Maru and Moro were using Fai’s staff as a carpet beater (?) when they were cleaning. (I’m sorry again!)


    • Thank you as always =)

      Why do you think Mokona hasn’t appeared as of lately? You mean it was searching for the bottle of alcohol this whole time?


      • That would be hilarious if true! But no, I think CLAMP quietly took Mokona out of the story because it just didn’t fit in with the more serious, emotional events going on. (Mokona “disappeared” by the end of Rou, too, didn’t it? And I have no idea what happened to the kuda-kitsune.) This scene with the alcohol was really jarring.


        • ‘all living things die’ by the end of Ro Mokona and the fox-pipe were either dead or Mokona was sealed back to the orb he was originally in


          • “I see… funny how I didn’t miss Mokona AT ALL (I find them annoying most of the time *gets shot*)”
            haha well that means two of us will be shot then. i like the mokonas BUT they are annoying. i do prefer the black mokona to the white one.

            Liked by 1 person

  2. just seen the chapter… although there isnt much development, the dialogue was plot worthy with a foreboding threat looming steadily in each chapter since we got into the shuuka arc, and always lovely to see my 2nd favourite xxx female character, the ame warashi! its nice to see watanuki using abilities other than dream seeing.
    but what really made me uneasy was this Yuuko is trying to MURDER this zashiki look alike in her dreams. after such strong emphasis on the consequences that murdering someone has in xxxholic, it even applied to the dead (remember the little girl under the hydrangea when she tried to keep watanuki with her) and yuuko preached it to watanuki time and again, and now its implied “yuuko” is actually intending to murder someone. it made me think what if zashiki isnt the only one being targetted, but yuuko and watanuki as well?
    anyway, although not much happened, it still seemed like it did, and great cliff hanger!! im loving the steady build up with this arc. may holic continue this way from now on!!


    • Even though Yuuko was indirectly responsible for the deaths of two of her customers (the pathological liar with the ring and the graduate student with the monkey’s paw), I don’t think Nanase Ohkawa really has the guts to drag her author avatar through the dirt like that.

      My guess is that some spirit(s) with a grudge against Watanuki and/or the shop found out about his obsession with Yuuko and used it to set up a trap for Watanuki. They could have fed false information to the Neko-musume (or she might be in on it), created this Zashiki-warashi lookalike, or impersonated Yuuko in the dreamworld.


      • “My guess is that some spirit(s) with a grudge against Watanuki and/or the shop found out about his obsession with Yuuko and used it to set up a trap for Watanuki.”
        yeah that thought did cross my mind several times. thats why i think he’s in trouble.


      • Except that the girl seems like an ordinary girl? Watanuki didn’t sense any aura coming out of her.

        The plot here seems to be around the fact that this girl’s situation is mimic-ing what’s happening to Zashiski-Warashi: both are being hunted by the Witch of Dimensions.


        • “Except that the girl seems like an ordinary girl? Watanuki didn’t sense any aura coming out of her.”
          similar to ccs clear card arc with the no aura thing… is there a subtle link happening here?

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