Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc #1 release date

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

This month’s Nakayoshi magazine is announcing that the first volume of Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc will be released on December 2. More details regarding format and pricing to be announced soon.

With that, we have the confirmation that we’re not getting a volume 13 — as we all anticipated.

The magazine also has more information regarding the contents of the upcoming Card Captor Sakura 20th Anniversary Memorial Box, to be released in October. It is also confirmed that the 16-pages booklet will be of the short story originally published in the first Card Captor Sakura artbook.

I thought these deserved their own separate post 😉


15 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc #1 release date

  1. uuurrhhh…?
    ‘5 pages calendar with pictures never printed before’ is *not* what I’m seeing on this ad page? @_@
    It would be a big disappointment for me if it’s going to be ‘old’ artworks…

    And thanks for the news about volume 1, I wonder if we will be getting a normal and special edition or not, and if special edition there is, what would they put in it? I also suppose the edition itself will be the same as the 2015’s, but this time, with yet a new magic circle design? 🙂


    • I’m looking forward to finding out which cover design/format Kodansha goes with, too. Restarting the volume numbers makes me think we might get just the bigger “special” edition, but on the other hand, the low price point of the originals made them more attractive to all the young readers of “Nakayoshi.”


      • The very first edition was indeed at a very good price, and also very pretty: we got new color arts on both side of the inside cover, and then more new arts on the dust cover, and then a bookmark as a gift with yet more new art!
        And we got all that for 500jpy…

        But nowadays, with CLAMP mangas at least, unless it’s a normal edition: no color pages, yes dust cover but the only new art is the front cover (inside cover is blank and the other side of the dust cover is something random) + no extras inside, you can’t have that sort of price: the regular edition of TWC released this month cost 486jpy, and is like I described.
        Nonetheless, if you are only interested in reading the manga, japanese fans are still very lucky with this : because for international fans, we pay twice that price for said ‘regular edition’ in our native languages ^^;


        • The 12-volume set is currently in print with all the extras included. I bought it for myself late last year, and the books came with updated obi slips, advertisements for TWC and xxxHOLiC Rei, and even the character card bookmarks. And It’s still only 500 yen per volume!

          I’m going to be getting the Japanese editions as they come out, but this is one of those rare cases where international fans might be getting a better deal than their Japanese counterparts. For example, if you take a look at the Dark Horse omnibuses released for the US market, they have larger page sizes and more color illustrations than the 9-volume anniversary set. They’re only slightly more expensive, too.


        • I really hope it will include at least the first color pages. Hard to get all of them like the 2005 deluxe edition. Or maybe it’ll get a Tsubasa treatment and have both regular a deluxe versions available. That would be neat and CCS deserves it.


  2. This is what I heard about the calendar: that it’s going to be “card shaped” + that it’s a “Nakayoshi furoku-fuu birei calendar” including 5 illustrations that are published as a book for the first time

    And what I think about it:
    It’s a ‘card shaped’ calendar with 5 pages (I assume: 1 cover and 4 pages with 3 months per page), a description which does not match the picture we are seeing above, UNLESS, and this is my PERSONAL idea, that the calendar pages are…two faced.
    I can’t read japanese, and the idea just came to me right now, but if you look at the picture above, only the old image with Tomoyo and Sakura got text (you can tell there is a column in the right side with days/numbers) then there is an arrow pointing to the Sakura solo art (from the 2013 mobile game) which got no text on it at all…
    When I first heard it would be ‘card shaped’ the first thing that came to mind was obviously the clow cards: either their rectangular shape or maybe their design on the other face of the calendar’s pages?
    But ‘card shaped’ here might really just be telling us that it’s sort of a postcard thing: art on one side, blank on the other to write; but in this case instead of blank we got a calendar page?

    But now: what is the actual TRUTH of the matter? Can someone read the japanese text on the ad above?


    • The month and dates are printed on the bottom of the newer illustration with Sakura in her chess costume — it’s partially covered up by the text box. The text states that you can display the calendar either horizontally or vertically.

      So yeah, it looks like it’s going to be a sturdy, two-sided calendar.


      • Thank you for info!

        It still disappointing since I was expecting to see the latest artworks released in the CC Arc to be made into a calendar, but well, I will have to live with it I guess hahaha~

        They just posted a new entry about it in the CCS official website, and we now have a preview of the box!

        It’s really very much alike the artbook and the 2015 edition, which is good, they will look nice aligned all together as a collection 😀


          • I already pre-ordered it last week. nonetheless since I’m getting it from amazon japan, I can pretty much cancel my order anytime I want as long as the item hasn’t been sent, meaning until October…

            Honestly, it *is* disappointing even while knowing the title should have told us not to expect much, it’s a “memorial” box after all.

            I somehow got the feeling they are still trying to the very last second to get as much money as possible from the 90’s materials they got, before the 2016 version of both the anime and the manga completely take over the front line, at which point it’s unlikely they will ‘go back in time’ and still ‘recycle’ more things from the 90’s…

            Now, will I still buy it? Very likely, I never owned a CCS manga calendar, and even if this one doesn’t seem that good, its still better than nothing? The other thing is that in these past 5 years, I bought masses of CCS goods, but ironically, I never got to purchase a Kero plushy… All in all, this memorial box just happened to contain 2 things I am personally ‘missing’ in my collection, that, and I hope that the ‘box’ itself will be something good and might be able to contain other things? As you said, it’s abnormally expensive for the content, so I’m expecting the container to be pretty! (I hope…)

            All in all, not something I would recommend someone to purchase, but as said, something I happen to ‘need’ in my collection. And I assume this will be the last exception I make: from the vol1 of CCS CC and beyond, I guess I will only be buying new material from that point on.


          • I totally agree with you. The doll looks like just about every other Kero plush toy ever released, we’re not sure if the calendar contains any new artwork, and the booklet is pretty slim. This is kind of ironic, since the ad copy is emphasizing how the box is “bursting with fun” and “jam-packed with content!” I’m not sure why CLAMP and Kodansha won’t at least include the extra comic featuring Sakura and Syaoran from the second artbook, since that forms a set with Sakura and Touya’s story here. (Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another “Memorial Box” released in 2017 or 2018 containing that second comic, a new calendar, and a matching Suppi doll. “Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the beginning of the Sakura Card arc!”)

            At this rate, even if the Memorial Box calendar contains never-before-seen artwork, I’m just going to hang tight and wait for the inevitable new illustration collection.


          • I think that’s it. The press copy states that the calendar will publish 5 illustrations for the first time. Whoever wrote the advertisement might be trying to re-frame some pictures never published in the art books as “new illustrations,” but CLAMP could really be preparing five new pieces of art for the calendar.

            I’m sure Cutesherry will kindly find out for us when October rolls around!


            • I’m sure Cutesherry will kindly find out for us when October rolls around!

              I shall sniff around and find these illustrations at some point! XD


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