CLAMP no Kyoto Agaru Sagaru #12 – 2015/12/17

© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD.

© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD.

Episode 12 is up for download at CLAMP no Kyoto Agaru Sagaru‘s official website.

This episode’s main topic was Card Captor Sakura!

They talked a lot about goods and other Card Captor Sakura-related topics (most of it I couldn’t really understand). The most relevant thing mentioned was probably the prospect of a new Card Captor Sakura artbook in the plans for the future (Ohkawa talks about it around 13:50 min). I think she mentions something about not having enough illustrations to release one yet but I am not 100% sure about it. I’m gonna have to check that one with the almighty Claudio ˆˆ” If it’s really true, that would be so much fun since all these new illustrations that they have done for the past decade would have a nice treatment. Fingers crossed!

Next week’s guest will be Junko Iwao (Tomoyo’s seiyuu).



20 thoughts on “CLAMP no Kyoto Agaru Sagaru #12 – 2015/12/17

  1. I am really really REALLLYYY crossing my fingers and hoping for this in 2016!!
    This would be the first artbook in 15 years 🙂

    And counting the unpublished illustrations, it should go like this:
    -10 artworks for the new 2015 manga edition
    -14 artworks for the 2013 mobile game
    -4 artworks for the Ichiban Kuji (+you have to count all the chibis drawn on the same theme as each one of the lotteries)
    -1 artwork for the Movic lottery
    -1 artwork for the CCS expositions
    -3 artworks for bluray covers (movie 1, movie 2 and full series)
    -1 artwork for the earthquake in Japan
    -1 artwork for Clamp No Kiseki first magazine cover
    ->Crossovers artworks:
    -Clamp in 3D Land
    -Clamp in Wonderland
    -Clamp in Cardland
    -Clamp Festivals
    -Occasional artworks that are well done and posted on their twitter/blog, like the ones in which Sakura is the CEO of a company
    -Artworks from the 90’s that were never published in any of the artbooks at the time (I can think of 5-6 pics)

    I think there should be around 50?


    • Thank you for the neat round up, I was wondering how many illustrations there was myself 😉

      I knew you out of anyone else would be happy to hear this news. You have been calling out for a new artbook since forever xD

      Unfortunately I couldn’t understand what Ohkawa said, but she did mention “illustration collection”. My friend Claudio promised to listen to that part and tell us what she said, however he will be off for a few days for the holidays but he promised to give it a listen ASAP.


      • ah! While re-reading my list, I remembered more!

        -4 Sakura wedding illustrations (there were some sort of event in 2011 in which Clamp’s designed wedding dresses that were exposed, and there were the corresponding artworks that went in them)
        -1 autograph (a pretty well made illustration of Sakura!) dated from February 25th, 2014
        -2 black and while crossover illustrations: 1 with CCS|SakuraxTRC|SyaoranxHolic|Yuuko and the other with CCS|sakuraxHolic|WatanukixTRC|sakura
        -from the 90’s: 4 laser discs covers (they all wear blue clothes with white wings): EriolxSakuraxNakuru, YukixTouyaxSakura, TomoyoxSakura and MizukixSakura.
        -1 DVD cover of movie 2

        I have to say I am quite satisfied with myself, I think I might actually have listed them all 😀

        The thing now, is what does Clamp and the publisher would consider as artworks to be published…because if they limit themselves to only the most recent ones and ignore everything else, than it is no surprise they would say it’s not enough…
        For me, the artbook would be possible either is they take it really seriously and actually include everything from the past 15 years, or they make a little artbook (think the WISH one) but that would be a shame…

        Well, tons of talking and writing, but this might actually never happen hahahahaha~ XD

        It is very nice of your friend to help out with the radio programs, I also took a look at the previous updated posts, and it is incredibly detailed!! 🙂

        And in case I have no other occasion to say so: HAPPY HOLIDAYS, HAPPY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!!!


        • Wow, even more =) Well, the Kobato. artbook had about as many pictures as you listed. It would be great to have all of those listed by you.

          Yeah, Claudio is GREAT I am so thankful to him! So kind for taking his time and doing this for us. Bless him =)

          HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU TOO! May 2016 be a more CLAMPy year, please!


        • Just as a heads up, CLAMP also drew Sakura dressed up as Sakura from Street Fighter for a fake magazine cover for Ichiro Mihara from Arika! 🙂

          I don’t think CLAMP/their publishers will include any of the crossover illustrations in a CCS artbook, since previous crossover pictures featuring Sakura appeared in the general anthologies “CLAMP North Side”/”CLAMP South Side,” not in the series artbooks. So that means no to the CLAMP no Kiseki cover (since it’s part of a bigger set featuring non-CCS characters), CLAMP in Wonderland, the wedding sketches, the Shichigatsu Tsuitachi pictures, etc. That leaves us with 38 new color illustrations, 4 old color illustrations (the laser disc covers), and the 4 miniature character sets for the Ichiban Kuji promotions.

          I’m guessing that if CLAMP wanted to release a new CCS artbook within a year or so, they’d probably do something like the Memorial Book, which featured a small selection of illustrations (~50), an overview of official merchandise, concept art, and interviews.

          Also, thanks to Claudio in advance for helping out with the radio shows!


          • I had forgotten that one! Thank for adding it up in the list ^_^

            And I am adding more:
            -Clampazar cover.
            -illustration of Chii giving a back hug to Sakura
            -Clamp’s 2014 Kyoto Exhibits illustrations

            Even while listing them, I also had some serious doubts about crossovers illustrations being included in a CCS artbook, butthere are so many that I have a hard time ignoring them all, so I ended up “betting” on the possibility (who knows?) that unlike the 90’s ones, the future artbook would be sectioned into chapters, one of them being Sakura in Clamp’s universe for example.
            And I don’t understand why you took the wedding pics off? Those 4 are not crossovers with other characters, Sakura is on her own in all of them.


            • At this point, I think CLAMP has accumulated enough crossover art to make another North Side/South Side set! You’ve already listed a ton of crossover work, and on top of that we have new color artwork for Drug & Drop, single illustrations for Chobits, Clover, and Wish that can’t be collected in other anthologies, miscellaneous novel covers, illustrations for the Kamigami no Utatane, Witch’s Mansion, and Hakken Anime series, artwork and concepts for Sweet Valerian, Mouryou no Hako, and Blood-C, etc.

              I counted the wedding dress pictures as crossover art since CLAMP drew them as a set with four more illustrations of Chii. Basically, I think CLAMP was asked to submit four concepts for a wedding dress, and two of them were based on Chii’s outfits while the other two were based on Sakura’s. They could split them up and put the Sakura concepts in a CCS artbook, but given how conservative CLAMP has been about putting crossover art in single-series artbooks, it’s safer to assume that they’ll be kept together.

              Another thing — CLAMP didn’t do the digital coloring for the manga panels used in the CCS Mobage game, but since so many panels were redrawn, they might include them in a potential artbook.


              • >> At this point, I think CLAMP has accumulated enough crossover art to make another North Side/South Side set!

                Well, seen in this angle, there is indeed more than enough to make a new North Side/South Side, or an All About Clamp, or something equivalent with the tsunami of crossovers artworks that were released all these years!! 😀 + all the other miscs illustrations you listed too! (WISH got it’s own little artbook though, I confess not remembering any solo pics of Wish these recent years…?). To have them all compiled in 1 or 2 books would really be a blessing since for international fans, having access to most of them is either really hard work and money, or simply just impossible…

                >> I counted the wedding dress pictures as crossover art since CLAMP drew them as a set with four more illustrations of Chii.

                I remember Chii’s wedding pics too, but thought they would simply be separated…your reasoning is definitely sound, but I will still cross my fingers for that one, since I’d really like to actually have a good version of these illustrations: the most we ever got are low quality photos of those…

                >> Another thing — CLAMP didn’t do the digital coloring for the manga panels used in the CCS Mobage game, but since so many panels were redrawn, they might include them in a potential artbook.

                I thought about that a lot in 2013/2014!!! 😀 After the few first months, when I realized the huge amount of colored illustrations from the manga, and the also the big numbers of redrawings, I thought there was indeed more than enough to make a whole book for them, a bit like they released a book listing all the Cards for the Clamp in Cardland series, I was hoping that they would publish a Mobile Game special with everything too! ^__^ THAT would be awesome!! XD … That said, I have to say my hopes went way down after 2 years passed with no news at all linked to this, at the exception of course of Clamp’s actual artworks which were included as extra materials in the 2015 new edition of the manga …


              • And by the way, I wanted to tell you I’m having a fun time talking with someone who have such knowledge of Clamp’s universe, it’s been a while! ❤
                Lately, fans just read new chapters or buy their own goodies in their corners…"talking" and "conversing" in communities has gone down these past couple of years… The age of endless discussions about TRC chapters seem so far away…
                Well, as an excuse, Clamp putting (again) 2 more of their works on hiatus (Gate7 and D&D) + the irregular releases of XXXHolic and slow paced TRC, are not helping…


                • I know you weren’t really talking to me but, if I may:

                  Exactly… I understand how not everyone is interested in knowing what happens to Sakura and Syaoran one more time. No offense intended but it’s not as thrilling anymore as it once was.

                  I agree that it’s great to have more people interacting and yes, you do have a lot of CLAMP knowledge, Anonymous-san!


                • D’aw, thanks! I think the general fandom move from LiveJournal to Tumblr killed off a lot of discussion, but Chibiyuuto’s right, too — CLAMP’s output has really slowed down (which is understandable), while TSUBASA and xxxHOLiC aren’t attracting as much attention as they used to. It seems like a lot of CLAMP marketing this days is centered on nostalgia for their older series. (That said, I miss Gate 7 a lot, and I think it’s a shame that it got put on hiatus just when it was beginning to take off.)


                  • I don’t use tumblr at all so I didn’t know such a move had happened there, though I had of course noticed that livejournal wasn’t used as much as before from years ago…even chibiyuuto moved hahaha~
                    But on tumblr blogs there are no such thing as discussions: unless the thing I’m viewing are limited because I’m not logged in, all I’ve ever seen these past years is that it’s someone posting something, and people liking and/or sharing. The end. I’ve never seen a single comment. This is not what I would call a community of fans: that simply rejoins what I wrote earlier about fans only doing their things in their corners (reading, buying, checking stuff…) and communication zero…this is sad, really ;_;


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  3. And so, it’s official: a new illustration collection book of CCS will be released in March 2016, as a commemoration of CCS 20th Anniversary…
    This is really insane, it feels like it was just yesterday when they said we were celebrating CCS’s 15th Anniversary, and now years have gone by, in which I was drown in goodies, and when I think it has just calmed down, we got a 20th Anniversary now ^^;
    Now, I’m not complaining, I really wanted that artbook!! 😀
    That said, the content is still unclear, and the fact they used words like Resurrection, Restructuration and Reorganization makes me hesitate… are we seriously only going to get a ‘best of’ book full of only a selection of old illustrations…? Of course, it will look a lot prettier and well made in 2016 compared to the printing from the end of the 90’s, but still, my hope is that Clamp will be joining old and new in this book!


    • So official it is! I received an email from Kodansha (because of the digital CCS versions I have) about it and they said that CLAMP picked the best illuatrations from 1998 to 2001 (not even 1996-1997!). They don’t mention a single thing abou the “new” illustrations.

      At the end they said that they are planning various things (other than artbook) to celebrate CCS’s 20th anniversary.


      • After reading your post, I went to check my emails and I have also received one from Kodansha ^_^
        This is exactly the same message that is in the nakayoshi website:

        Marketing wise, I think it would dissuade some fans, who already own the previous artbooks, from buying if there is seriously nothing new at all…or at least, they will definitely not make getting this artbook a priority, that’s for certain. I think they necessarily have to offer something new for this to work.

        I also saw the thing about the many other events in 2016 for the 20th anniversary, but it kinda made me shudder to be sincere hahaha~ I remembered the difficult times I had financially because of all the pre-orders I made a the time. I couldn’t even enjoy the goods bcs I pushed myself (=my wallet) beyond my limits to get most of them. But well, I learned form my errors and should be careful this year, unless it’s something good, I’m not buying! (I say that, but I already pre-ordered both figmas Sakura(january) and Tomoyo(june) + the eyeglasses(february) + the Petit Charas series(january) + I will be ordering the artbook(march)…)

        The ichiabn Kuji website was updated today if you are interested:
        We got yet more little chibis from Clamp ^_^


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