CLAMP no Kyoto Agaru Sagaru #9 – 2015/11/26

© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD.

© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD.

Episode 9 is up for download at CLAMP no Kyoto Agaru Sagaru‘s official website.

Here’s a brief summary:

  • They spent the first 10 minutes of the episode talking about manga, anime and game stage adaptations. Each member talked about their favorite adaptations (Sengoku BASARA, BLOOD-C and the Tennis no Oujisama musical were mentioned). They also talked which CLAMP works could be/they would like to be adapted to stage, for which they mentioned XXXHOLiC, GATE 7 and Card Captor Sakura.
  • During the main part of the episode, they shared their recent experiences doing “location hunt” — when they travel somewhere in order to gather data for later use in their own works — in Tanegashima. I think they talked about other places too.
  • They talked briefly about the Card Captor Sakura first movie, which is set in Hong Kong, for I don’t know what reason…
  • In the end they mentioned that in January they will travel again for another “location hunt”. Some members joked that “location hunt” = vacations but Ohkawa corrected them all saying that the trip is really for work xD

Are they doing all these location hunts for Tsubasa… for GATE 7…?


7 thoughts on “CLAMP no Kyoto Agaru Sagaru #9 – 2015/11/26

  1. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that the whole location hunt thing is for Gate7, not because I am passionate about the series to be honest (I’ve owned all 4 volumes for years now and still haven’t touched them!) but more like because I actually want to start actually: the knowledge that it is on an indefinite hiatus made me not read it at all, seriously, I stare at the volumes in front of me, sigh, and pass them by…


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