XXXHOLiC Rei – Chapter 44 (Updated)

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

Japanese RAWs.
English translations.

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– Such a cute title page with the branches forming a heart shape. The title page says that the XXXHOLiC series has sold over 13.700.000 copies so far. Congratulations to CLAMP!

– I really like Watanuki’s top here, I would wear one myself 🙂

– Look who’s back, Ame Warashi! Always so stylish. She mentions Zashiki Warashi. Watanuki seemes worried, I wonder what’s up with her…. are we going to see her soon?

– 14 pages again — 84 pages so far for volume 4. The series will be going into yet another one-month break, next chapter will come out on October 5. Clearly XXXHOLiC Rei is being published on a monthly basis despite the fact that Young Magazine is a weekly magazine. We’re only halfway volume 4 so maybe the joint release will be with TWC volume 3, sometime in 2016.


2 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC Rei – Chapter 44 (Updated)

  1. I don’t know what to think… it seems that from now on 14 page chapter per month will be the rule… So disappointed here. At this rate, volume 4 would be completed and MAYBE ready to be published only in eight months! I don’t ask too much, at least two chapter per month…As Clamp have always done, XXX Holic is being “sacrified” for Tsubasa’s sake… and I like more Holic, honestly.


    • I think it’s a mix of things: CLAMP are drawing less pages, that’s a fact. For many given reasons. Ohkawa talked a bit about them in a recent interview:
      – They have moved to Kyoto and that makes deadlines even shorter (since it’s far from Tokyo, where the main publishers are).
      – They are working less hours/days because they have suffered health problems for working too hard on Tsubasa/XXXHOLiC.
      – Kodansha is now delivering digital and printed content simultaneously, that makes deadlines shorter as well.
      – They are all around 50 years old now, they don’t have the same stamina as they used when they were 30 or even 40.

      I agree with you that I wish there would be more pages/month, but we also have to be patient when it comes to their health. I would rather have less pages per month than no pages at all.

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