“Card Captor Sakura” low cost Blu-ray Box to be released in December/2015


The cover of the Card Captor Sakura Blu-ray Box 1 released in 2012. The 2015 release will have a different cover. (C)CLAMP・講談社/NHK・総合ビジョン

NBC Universal Entertainment Japan is announcing that they will be releasing a low cost Blu-ray Box of the Card Captor Sakura TV Anime series in December 18, 2015 costing 38,000 yens.

The box will hold 11 discs containing all 70 episodes of the series.

For comparison’s sake, in 2009 a Card Captor Sakura Blu-ray box was released in two sets: “Clow Card” series, costing 78,000 yens, and “Sakura Card” series, costing 47,000 yens .

In 2012, a new edition was released in 3 boxes costing 22,000 yens each (66,000 yens total). The 2015 release will represent a discount of 28,000 yens in comparison to the 2012 release.

The limited first edition will come with a special sleeve to hold the whole series.

No word yet on whether CLAMP will contribute with new illustrations for this release.

This re-release is available for pre-order at CD Japan with worldwide shipping.

Source: Impress Watch.


6 thoughts on ““Card Captor Sakura” low cost Blu-ray Box to be released in December/2015

  1. From the picture shared on amazon japan, it seems like the box’s special sleeve will be the same as the 3rd box released in Dec. 2013: an artwork by Clamp featuring Sakura and Syaoran, drawn specially for the bluray release at the time.


      • I had the exact same thought as you at first, but when I saw the surprisingly good quality scan of the illustration, and compared it afterwards with the one shared for the 3rd bluray box 2 years ago (which is of lower quality, and even cropped!), I realized they would very unlikely take the pain of posting a whole new better quality scan for nothing.


          • hahahaha~ We really do feel and think the same about everything! XD I also would have liked it if they had made yet a whole new artwork for this new release, but if it’s this one we are getting, I shall accept it wholeheartedly 😉

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