GATE 7 #4 and Drug & Drop #1 campaign!

To promote the simultaneous release of GATE 7 #4 and Drug & Drop #1 on February 4, Kadokawa, Sueisha and CLAMP will join forces to launch a collaboration campaign.

Exclusive goods will be released using as a motif the below image newly drawn by CLAMP, featuring the characters from both series:

More details about this campaign — what the goods will be and how to participate — to be announced soon!

I love the illustration! *-*


3 thoughts on “GATE 7 #4 and Drug & Drop #1 campaign!

  1. A campaign just for the releases of mangas? It’s not like these are new series or anything…though I guess that seeing how long Lawful Drug was on hiatus, it’s worth celebrating ^^; And so, I’m not complaining! *far from that* Any excuse is good for me if we get new illustrations 😀
    Everyone is looking great, I like Rikuo and Kazahaya the best ^^

    Let’s see if D&D is licensed in other countries now~ *very likely to happen real soon, starting with France and the US…*

    thanks for the news!


    • Thank you for the kind words! So you’re from France? I love France! Been there 2 times and I plan to go back next year, such a lovely country!

      Thanks for the D&D scanlations link, they are very good scanlations 😉


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