New CLAMP FESTIVAL posters drawn by CLAMP

CLAMP drew new illustrations for two posters that will be on sale exclusively at the CLAMP FESTIVAL 2012 Nagoya edition and at the CLAMP Shop:

The one on the right side will be sold at the event that will take place on Dec. 2, the one on the left side will be sold exclusively at the CLAMP Shop.

My first thought was “What is Eagle Vision randomly doing there?” but then I remembered that Megumi Ogata (who voiced Eagle on the MKR anime) will be at the festival, and everything made sense!

Really nice posters!


20 thoughts on “New CLAMP FESTIVAL posters drawn by CLAMP

  1. Kamui, where are you? I’m always happy to see someone from X on clamp new arts, because there are still hope for this manga, but now, when there are not anyone I’m a bit worried…


  2. Thanks for the news ^^
    They all looks great, like everyone I was really surprised to see Eagle, thanks for the explanation~
    I wasn’t sure about Fye for a minute since he looks younger here? Or maybe it’s because the preview pic is too little ahaha~ Watanuki holding Spinel is just awesome πŸ˜€ And could you remind me who is the character above Yuuko? I know his face but I can’t remember from where he is from >..


  3. Hey, I am looking for someone to help with some scans I am thinking about doing. I have pretty much zero photoshop skills, but I can get all the premium editions of the Tsubasa mnaga for about $40 used because I live in Japan and I have a scanner. Looking to do a definitive scan for the series, but I need someone good with photoshop to do touchups to the images. Email me if you are interested. pnewelljr (at) gmail (dot) com


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