CLAMP to draw for new novel series “Haken Anime!”

CLAMP will be in charge for drawing the illustrations for Mizuki Tsujimura’s new novel series entitled “Haken Anime!”.

The series will run in the weekly magazine an・an, published by Magazine House, starting on the October 31 issue. The magazine goes on sale every Wednesday.

Mizuki Tsujimura won the 147th Naoki Prize with her novel “Dreaming Without a Key”, a collection of short stories.

Great news! I very much look forward to check the illustrations. Always nice to see CLAMP collaborating with new authors, specially female authors.


8 thoughts on “CLAMP to draw for new novel series “Haken Anime!”

  1. Just wondering, but since you seem to have pretty up-to-date CLAMP info, would you happen to know if there’s any news on X? 😦 Or for that matter, do you know how to contact CLAMP?


    • Unfortunately, there is no news on X. The manga remains on pause with no date to be resume as of yet. The only information we have is that CLAMP will definitely finish it, one day.


        • There is no mail address for CLAMP themselves. You can send letters to their publishers. The address is usually announced on the side at pages of their manga magazine chapters. But they would expect letters about the manga series they are publishing (and not X itself).

          You could try emailing their publishers as well, in this case, Kadokawa. They have a page up for it, it’s all in japanese, though:
          They recently changed the layout and I no longer can find the direct link to the form to submit questions =(

          I have sent a few e-mails to them in the past and they replied me though this e-mail address: k-master @ You could try and write them (in japanese), but I’m not sure if they accept direct e-mails that are not sent via their regular form on their website.


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