Gouhou Drug #3 [new version] cover

Kadokawa has the cover of the new version of Gouhou Drug #3:

It’s the same image released in the next issue preview of Young Ace #11. And it kinda makes sense since this is the volume where they go to the boys’ school and they are wearing the school uniforms on the cover.

I don’t know about you all but I still prefer the 3 original covers.

This will be released on November 4.

Also, dimichan has some pictures of the Kobato. artbook up here in her Picasa. Pics include the full epilogue and a few colored illustrations.


19 thoughts on “Gouhou Drug #3 [new version] cover

      • From the Comic Natalie article, it sounded like it was going to start with stories of the characters pasts (forget the characters names) and talk about the Green Pharmacy. I was thinking it would be like Kobato’s reboot, before diving into a continuation of the story.


        • HUmmm yeah it could be, but I remember Ohkawa said in the CLAMP No Kiseki interview that she would continue to link Rikuou and Kazahaya’s pasts and we would learn more about the Green Drugstore.

          So I guess this is what was planned anyway.

          But it could be something like the Exams were for Kobato.


  1. I still prefer the new covers. The composition and anatomy is much better and I personally like how Nekoi’s style has evolved.

    The Kobata artbook looks GORG! I want it, like, right now! ;~ A ~;
    I really like how all the illustrations are categorised by theme. Hopefully it won’t be too long before that epilogue gets scanlated too, it looks completely adorable. The ending pages reminded me *so* much of the last pages of Chobits! ❤


      • Thank you so much for the link to the Kobato epilogue. Too bad it wasn’t added to the last book, since it really feels like a complete story now. I was debating about buying the artbook, but now I might ask my sister when she goes to Japan in a couple of weeks.

        Here’s a translation of the text (there was only one line I couldn’t read from the photos):

        Page 1:
        Epilogue: Happiness. (or Happy.)

        Page 2:
        Genko: The weather is nice today, the sky is clear, and we have more customers
        Zuisho: You’re right, our customers are increasing.

        Genko: This is all due to how delicious my baumkuchen is. (Heh)
        (Blurred, Can’t read the handwritten part)

        Kobato: That’s so true!

        Ioryougi: You’re too full of yourself.

        Kobato: Hello Genko-san! Zuisho-san!

        Page 3:
        Genko: Yo, Kobato-chan.
        Come through the door today, not through the window.

        Kobato: That was only through Middle School.
        Ioryougi: That’s too long for middle school. (slap slap)

        Genko: Even now, you’re still pretty much a tomboy, young lady. (ha ha ha)

        Kobato: I was so sick before and couldn’t move, and spent most of my time resting, so.
        I was so happy that my body would move as I wanted it to, so I.

        Page 4:
        Genko: I understand how you feel, but don’t over do it.
        That demon guy by your side will worry about you, OK?

        Kobato: …Yes.

        Ioryougi: You couldn’t possibly be talking about me, right?

        Genko: If that’s how you heard it, must be.

        Page 5:
        Ioryougi: You want to go at it!
        Genko: Come and get it!
        Zuisho: Are you here for a baumkuchen?
        Kobato: Yes, Fujimoto-san loves
        Mr. Bear’s (Kuma-san’s) baumkuchen.

        Zuisho: But,
        I’d never expect that sour face to like sweets.
        Note: Working

        Kobato: It looks like he doesn’t eat it in front of people. (giggle)

        Page 6:
        Zuisho: He’s a shy one, isn’t he!
        That’s also unexpected! (Sound of fire and crashing)

        Kobato: Ioryougi-san eats sweets and drinks, though,
        Without worrying about anyone.

        Ioryougi: That’s because he’s not the sensitive type to feel embarrassed. (Crash)
        And Genko-sama, too…

        Genko/Ioryougi: Try saying that again!
        Zuisho: Eeek!!

        Kobato: Where’s Ginsei-san?
        Genko: In the garden with a guest.
        Kobato: Then, I shouldn’t bother him.
        Genko: No, it will be alright. Go see him.

        Page 7:
        Kobato: OK!

        Genko: Aren’t you going to see Ginsei?

        Ioryougi: If I thanked him for (restoring) Fujimoto’s memories, he wouldn’t think I was being earnest.

        Zuisho: That’s because neither of you are earnest.

        Ioryougi: It looks like you don’t value your life!!
        Zuisho: Eeek!!
        Genko: Oh, it’s done! (Spin)

        Page 8:
        Kohaku: …I see.
        You went to God.

        Ginsei: …Hmph.
        Kohaku: Thank you very much.

        Kohaku: You granted my wish.
        My wish that everyone will be happy.

        Ginsei: ……

        Page 9:
        Kobato: Ginsei-san.

        Kobato: I’m sorry, I understand that you’re with a guest.
        Kohaku: Please don’t worry.
        Ginsei: You want something?

        Kobato: I wanted to thank you.
        For (restoring) Fujimoto-san’s memories…

        Ginsei: You too, huh?

        Kobato: Eh?

        Page 10:
        Ginsei: Nobody asked me to do it.
        Kobato: But, but, is there something I can do for you?
        Although, I don’t think there’s much I can help with,

        Kobato: I’ll do the best that I can!
        Ginsei: …Sing.

        Kobato: What?

        Ginsei: Both of you sing (a song).

        Kobato: The two of us?

        Page 11:

        Kohaku: I’m Kohaku.
        Kobato: …I, I’m Kobato.

        Kohaku: I want to sing with Kobato-san (you).
        Kobato: I want to sing with Kohaku-san (you), too.

        Page 12-13:
        Ioryougi: How’s this song?

        Ginsei: …It’s enough.

        Page 14:
        Kobato: Thank you for waiting! (gulp)

        Fujimoto: …Really, where did you come from. (sigh)

        Kobato: From somewhere wonderful.
        And I can buy baumkuchen there.

        Page 15:
        Fujimoto: Are you happy, Kobato?

        Kobato: Yes.
        Fujimoto: Then, that’s fine.


        Page 16:
        Ioryougi: Yeah,
        It’s really enough if we can stay happy like this.




    *I don’t know about you all but I still prefer the 3 original covers*

    I totally agree with you. They look better in the previous ones…
    I can’t wait for the first chapter!!!!!!!!!


  3. thank you so much for the info on gouhou drug! I was also a huge fan back when it first was released (how long ago was that???) and i own all three vols. talk about disappointed when they stopped releasing it. Today i was at kinokuniya and saw gouhou drug and was so shocked since it’s such an old series, never thought my tiny kino would stock it…only to read on the obi about a continuation/rerelease??? i’m so freakin excited!

    but then i read the info about the title change, and to be honest, i’m so confused! Vols 1-3 release still all clearly say 合法ドラッグ on them. do they intend to suddenly change the name to Drug & Drop (or Drag & Drop lol, i really wish they kept the name same) starting from the new material in vol 4? :O

    Also, do you know if vols 1-3 is the completely same content as the original issues of the series? I honestly loved the series so much, and i’m incredibly scared that with so much time between then and now, that the story would move in a direction that i don’t care as much for. :\

    Thank you again for the info!

    and finally, vols 1-3 were released in such a short time (i guess because the content was already mostly done?) back at end of 2011, but it’s already April of 2012…any news of when the next tank is finally coming out? 😀


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