Here is the cover of Young Ace #12 featuring the comeback of Gouhou Drug’s new series, Drug & Drop:

Source: @manganewsjapon

I think the cover looks a bit plain.. but maybe it’s the white background, all past Young Ace covers have white backgrounds, I guess it’s a rule.

The magazine will be out November 4!

And here is the cover of BLOOD-C Official Complete Book, which was drawn by CLAMP.

Source: (check for larger cover image).

The book also has CLAMP’s original character concepts for the series. It will be out October 27.

There are still 3 covers that shall appear on the next few days, the covers of GATE 7 #2, Jump SQ #12 (featuring GATE 7) and Gouhou Drug #3 [new version].


9 thoughts on “Covers

  1. So pretty! The cover of Blood-C is so amazing!
    And Gohou!! =)
    I think it will be rebooted, and will start a crossover with GATE7… Maybe?!


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