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Impressions (spoilers ahead):


– The story told by the teacher… I wonder if any of the citizens is actually an Elder Bairn.

– Speaking of the Elder Bairns, can they get any more bizarre? That eye thing O__o

– By the way the fighting scene was so lame. BLOOD-C is so lame =__= I’m really struggling to like this anime.

We’re almost half-way through it, I will watch the remaining 7 episodes. Looks like the next one will air only on August 18?


11 thoughts on “BLOOD-C #5

  1. i really salute you for being more patient than myself! šŸ˜€ it was too traumatizing even for the first episode. I chose to watch blood+ again to relieve myself from PTSD! ahahaha.. anyway, thanks for up updating us abt the progress.. (at least we know when to watch and when not to)


  2. I, too, am so frustrated with the development of the plot… I don’t think the next episode will reveal everything either. =/ (but i think from the preview, Nene-san demands an explanation from Saya? that’s all what’s keeping me hanging).


  3. This was the first episode of Blood-C I actually felt like I wanted to watch the next one when it ended. I feel like we’re finally get some plot now, not just repetitive singing, school and then monster battles.

    It’s not like I’m running off to find Blood-C’s LJ fangroup or anything, but I am sort of curious now, about this covenant thing, Saya’s health, who Fumito is and, seriously, what is up with that snobby dog! Plus, Saya didn’t annoy me anywhere near as much as she usually does this week. šŸ˜€


  4. Well, it seems that finally something is happening (and Saya didn’t sing, thank you very much) but I still felt this was so dull that I’m basically struggling to decide whether to keep watching or not.

    Also, are people in this town stupid or what? The girl was just attacked by some flying monsters and she stays to WATCH? Last episode was the same, the two guys could’ve survived if they hadn’t stayed THERE to check on their wounds. Seriously, this is so poorly written.

    And GuimauveGuy, the teacher and the dog are so suspicious that it’s embarrassing.

    All in all, we’re halfway through the series and it hasn’t managed to capture the public’s attention, which is a complete shame given the gorgeous art that has been made for it. It really is hard to believe that it’s CLAMP writing the story for this


  5. It seems that they referenced some scenes from Blood: the Last Vampire (such as that train scene).

    I have to disagree with you on the fight scene. It’s quite good and at least, it’s not one of those generic shounen fights.

    Well, this anime is not meant for everyone.


  6. I’m quite worried they’re going to pull the Saya’s a reincarnation of the old Saya or it’s a different soul from another world plot again. That’s my number one concern for Saya’s past.

    And yes, Fumito’s totally putting something in Saya’s food. It’s so obvious, and he keeps touching her…maybe he’s the leader of the Elder Brains. Wouldn’t surprise me

    It feels like CLAMP purposely made the first 4 episodes as boring as possible and then pick up the pace now. They’re trolls, but did they really have to waste 4 good-for-nothing episodes? >_<


  7. hehe I find it hilarious that you always point out most of the things I notice about the episodes, especially the Blood-C being lame.
    I have to admit that I been giving it a lot more chance than your average anime seeing that most of the time if by chapter 3 they haven’t catch my interest I tend to drop them.
    To be honest the series would be more interesting if it just kill of someone saya actually cares about. I’ve been hoping the the coffee guy or/and dad dies so that something different happens. Hopefully, by what I understood from the preview, one if not both of the twins will die and hopefully that will be unleash her memories and break the mental barrier that the teacher, coffee guy and her dad have on her.


  8. Oh! we are gaining pace, there’s no song and the twins are starting to get their own personality, we are heading in the right direction. If the story is 12 episode long, we are now in the second third, maybe the real essence of the series will be left for episodes 9 to 12. I cross my finger for a sadistic Clamp final, I know they can do this. With the father, teacher and guimauve guy as traitors. ^_^

    > By the way the fighting scene was so lame. BLOOD-C is so lame =__= I’m really struggling to like this anime.

    I have definitely seen better fights, but also worse. They always start in a borring and repetitive way, but they end in a great way. I like how she stab that eye bare hand, reminded me of Fuuma and Seishirou. ^_^

    I also think you judging this episode to serverly, but I watched them all five in one day while you did that over five weeks, we probably have different perspective.


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