GATE 7 Chapter 6 (Updated)

Scans of GATE 7 Chapter 6 have leaked here. Source: Raw-Bunko. The filename says chapter 07, but it’s actually chapter 06.

EDIT: File no longer available. Mirror:

I loooove the blending of photo + actual manga, I know I’ve said this over and over again but I just have to say it again because this chapter had so many of them.

So Tachibana, Sakura and Hana freaked out when Chikahito described Iemitsu, as expected. He said something about his eyes but I couldn’t read from the scans. That was the clue which led to the conclusion that the boy was Iemitsu. What’s with his eyes? I really wanna know, maybe it’s just an unusual eye color.

They are in Osaka! That’s why CLAMP always stopped by Osaka too during their location hunt trips (I thought they were only visiting Ohkawa’s relatives xD).

They look so stylish here >.< Love Tachibana's clothes (HIS SHOES!!!!!!), and Hana's ones are adorable.

Very cute Hana/Chikahito interaction in this chapter. She asks him if there is any particular place he wants to visit, aww. I like this couple!

The nursery school looks so similar to Yomogi Nursery school from Kobato., and the teacher looks strangely like Sayaka as well (I like the duck on her his apron! xD) The kids are so huggable >.<

Something is up in this nursery school, the teacher looks ready to fight xD She He claims to be Sanada Yukimura.

CLAMP does it again and changes the gender of a historical figure. Maybe because there weren’t many female figures in Japanese history? Either way, I like that =) She totally looks like a dude! I haven’t paid enough attention at first but I think she is a dude! xD

DISCLAIMER: If you enjoyed reading this story, please support CLAMP by buying the original or licensed material available in your country. A list of countries where GATE 7 is published is available here.


25 thoughts on “GATE 7 Chapter 6 (Updated)

  1. About Iemitsu’s eyes: Chikahito described them as “sakura-colored” (桜色 sakura-iro), and then in Osaka Tachibana asked him to immediately tell if he sees a schoolboy with purple eyes (he used the word 紫 murasaki).


  2. If I’m not wrong vol 11 had been printed on Dec 2001. The series had regularly continued on the magazine till the end of 2002/beginning of 2003 then it was put on hold.
    There’s to say in 2004, 2005 & 2006 Matsushita (Yami’s author) released 3 extra short side-stories but they definitely didn’t continue the series.
    Then we had silence until Jan 2010 when vol 12 was printed.
    Now it seems serialization might also be resumed…


  3. File is gone ;_; I really wanted to check it out to see Yukimura. All these historical figures showing up… I’m gonna spazz one of these days. The ominous feeling at the end of chapter four when Masamune said “The Tokugawa are on the move” made me die.
    I really hope more groups pick this series up, because getting the translation is taking ages and the only group I know of seems to be considering dropping it D:


  4. Lots of cute Chikahito/Hana and Tachibana/Sakura interaction this chapter. 🙂 But I’ll miss Mikoto, Hidetsugu, Masamune and Kojuuro. I hope Yukimura will make up for that haha.

    I’m working on a translation right now. I’m already on page 23.


    • Hana’s noodle obsession is only a pretext to do a gastronomic tour of Kyoto.
      The whole manga is a sort of great Kyoto tour: locations, historic sites, culture and traditions, history, religion, etc, and also foods.

      Unfortunately Jump readers are used to other kind of manga (fight, fight, fight, power-up, fight, fight, power-up, fight,…). Obviously they are annoyed about everyday life and history lessons.


  5. Thanks for the mirror link!

    The drawing of this series is just gorgeous. It reminds me of X a lot, except that there’s just black in the characters’ hair, no light reflexions. So much good looking clothes, every chapter, this series is eyecandy! ^_^
    And I’m so glad to be back to these healthy looking boys/men from the Chobits/X era. ^^

    It seems the introduction of the characters is not over yet, more new face this time too. ^^;
    I hope we will soon get done with the introduction part and pass to actual plot.

    Anyway, we learned that you need the more oni to get the strongest oni. They didn’t shy from telling Chikahito this time, so we are progressing, he’ll get more involved from now on. I’m looking forwards for the next chapter.


  6. Now that I think about that. CLAMP’s Sanada reminds me a lot of Ryo Sanada from Samurai Troopers.

    I know CLAMP wrote a Samurai Troopers Doujinshi.
    I’m still waiting for one of CLAMP famous quotes. ^^


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